September 03, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The traditional post-race press conference sees today race winner Joe Consiglio (MLT, Nordsjoen Racing) and third placed Dave Carr-Smith (ENG, Woods Racing). Runner-up Janne Tanskanen (FIN, Evans Blue Racing) couldn't attend due to a meeting with the stewards.

Q. Congratulations Joe... another win, another fight with Janne, another step towards the World championship. How was your race today?

JC. The race was very tough, here in Canada the walls are always looming and one mistake can end it all. I got a good start and drove a very good first sting. I came out from my pitstop behind DCS [Dave Carr-Smith] and followed him for a few laps. I was entering the last chicane when Dave went straight on to take his pitstop, unfortunately he was in my eye line and I out braked myself.

Instead of just cutting the chicane I attempted to take it and hit the kerb, so had a quick spin and all of a sudden Janne was 3 seconds behind me. So the last stint was all about managing the gap to Janne whilst looking after the engine and brakes and avioding spinning backmarkers. In the end it more than close but I'm sure very exciting for all the fans!

Q. How is it being back in the Superleague after the lengthy summer break?

JC. Well, I've had a summer of racing in the Master Series so at least I've been well occupied. I have to say, though, that being only 5 points ahead of Janne after Round 10 didn't leave me feeling too comfortable over the break. It's good to back though, especially on the top step. I scored my first ever podium here way back in 2002 [with Stealth GP], this place has always been kind to me and the circuit is excellent.

Q. Now for Dave. Welcome back to the Superleague: a last minute call, and a podium. Is this a Carr-Smith trademark move?

DCS. It? starting to look that way, isn? it? I got the call just before free practice and only managed to set my first laps on the circuit during qualifying, so it was a pleasant surprise to be so close to the front of the grid straight out of the box. I know the circuit well and I got some help with the setup so it was just a matter of putting that to good use really.

Q. A recent talk with Oliver Woods, who is setting up a new HQ for Woods Racing, seemed to confirm the intention to have you racing until the end of the season. What can you tell us about it?

DCS. To be honest, right now I? not sure myself. I?e not spoken to Ollie since the race at Most [Czech GP] which was a couple of months ago now. I was called up for the race today by one of his assistants. We?l have to sit down and work out what we intend to do for the rest of the season.

Q. Inside sources tell us the problem gravitates around money. Are you as greedy as rumours depict you?

DCS. Not at all, I still enjoy the racing and for as long as I continue to do so I? happy to race when required by the team. It would seem your sources are misguided as there is certainly no problem regarding the money, more a lack of organisation within the team at present. As you can see from me only being called up at the beginning of free practice today.

Q. Joe, how much can the presence of Dave act as a decider in the championship fight with Janne?

JC. Well, it's interesting... As we all know Dave is a brilliant driver and always a threat, so if one of us is having an off day he can spoil the party! I have to admit I was very happy to see him 2nd today, it didn't quite end that way but any race Dave drives will affect the battle up front for sure.

Q. Dave, do you see yourself as the one who can shape the championship?

DCS. Tough question, I think it depends on the circumstances. I managed to interfere a little bit today after passing Janne, but the lack of track time cost me and the mistakes which followed put me out of contention. Perhaps if I can get some more track time pre-race in future I can challenge these guys like we saw in Silverstone. I think I stand more chance of beating Janne than I do Joe. Joe seems to be able to just rocket off the line and then it? very difficult to catch him. We?l have to wait and see.

Q. Thank you both for your attendance. The GPVWC Press Conference will be back after the Mexican Grand Prix.