September 10, 2009
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The Mexican Grand Prix just came to its conclusion, and the first three drivers have joined us for the GPVWC Press Conference. They are Joe Consiglio (MLT, Nordsjoen Racing), Adam Rouse (ENG, Nordsjoen Racing) and Phil Perkins (ENG, Fusion Motorsport).

Q. First of all, congratulations for your finishing position and for such an exciting race. Let's start with Joe. Another fine win, another step towards the Championship. Talk us through the race.

JC. I've always liked this track ever since I started sim-racing with GP1. It has a nice flow to it but also a low grip surface, that coupled with a long straight makes the setup choice quite difficult. I was reasonably confident I would be competitive here but of course you don't know for certain until qualifying. Adam and I locked out the front row in the end so I knew the setup was good.

My start was fine, I saw lots of positions changes in my mirrors but eventually I think Adam made it to P2. On the first lap I had some screen slow down so I had to be careful. By lap 2 all was well and it just a question of settling down and finding a nice rhythm. I guess thats most of the story really, I just managed to build up a gap to Adam of about 10 seconds per stint.

We were both 1 stopping so the race was quite straightforward. The main thing that kept me occupied were the tyres going off in S2 and obviously the backmarkers. I have to say, though, all the backmarkers did a great job and made my life easy. So that's it really, a great result for myself and the team! I'm very happy.

Q. Thanks Joe. Now to you Adam. Finally no problems, no reliability issues, no misfortunes and you have managed to express all your skill.

AR. I wanted a podium and 2nd, that was my aim after qual and it was pretty easy coming. In the first stint I was just gaping 3rd place, Joe was just plain old quicker than me here so I decided I was not going to risk trying to keep up with him and decided I will see where I'd be at the pitstop.

I cane out about 9 seconds behind, but then Joe did the fastest lap and I thought I wouldn't bother trying to catch him. So engine boost down to 3 for 5 laps, then Wicks behind me pitted which left a 40+ second gap, engine boost down to 1 and taking it easy. I could hardly catch the cars on the straights to lap them but it was easy enough through the middle sector. I am happy with 2nd and a 1-2.

Q. Thanks Adam.

And now to you, Phil. Nice to see Fusion on the podium, and at the end of such a fantastic race.

PP. Yeah, after qual things didn't look great with me just inside the top 10 and Mark out the top 10, but I knew the race would be long and had already planned my strategy to make places as I knew guys in front would 2 stop.

The start was quite poor, really, but decided just to try and settle down with a good consistent pace which definatly worked as cars were pitting for their 1st stops and I found myself making up places.

By the time it came for my stop I was in 3rd but knew Wicksy would pass me on his 2 stop strategy. I managed to get out ahead of Kieran and then just tried to minimise the gap to Mark for when he stopped, which I managed to do. When he stopped I was around 6 secs in front as he exited the pits, but knew he would eat into that quite quickly with his new tyres and with 10 laps to go he was on my tail.

After that, I think I had the widest Superleague car out there! It was a joy to race tonight and I am really looking forward to the rest of the season.

Q. Thanks Phil. Now back to Joe for one last question.

10 points today, and janne no show. How does that put you for the Championship?

JC. Well its the perfect result for me I guess... what can I say. I mean, obviously it would have been nice to race Janne today, after Canada I was expecting another epic battle with him. Not to sound too cliche but I'm still trying to take every event 1 race at a time. Focusing too hard on the championship is silly really, there are still 6 races to go and plenty of racing still to come.

Q. Adam - is your P2 something that might bring you to launch an attack to the championship lead, or is it too little, too late?

AR. Too little, too late. I'm a realist, Joe has the title wrapped up if he carries on. My oppurtunities went by missing events and engines blowing at crucial times. My goal is to beat Mark Wicks and possibly Janne for 2nd or 3rd in the standings. I think Nordsjoen have the constructors almost too, so that wouldnt be a bad first season!

Q. One last question to Phil - Fusion started late, but it is only 4 points behind Synergetic, 7 behind Constant and 14 behind Allen. Is P4 a realistic possibility?

PP. I think we need to get both cars consistently scoring points to have a real shot at 4th. If I can get that happening, then I can't see why we can't move up the board and take 4th from Allen.

Q. Thank you all guys for your time, and congratulations again for your race.

This is all for the GPVWC Mexican Grand Prix Press Conference. See you in Brazil in two weeks.