September 15, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Thought to have gone on leave to get married and holiday, Synergetic owner, Mal McKee, has all but vanished from the GPVWC community.

Rumours have been flying around the paddock about the actual whereabouts of McKee. And with the team in disarray over these and other events, the team's future could be in jeopardy.

Team management has changed hands yet again, with lone driver, Ryan McConkey, taking the reigns.

He spoke out over the recent events and to answer the McKee rumours. "First of all, I want to be honest here about the whereabouts of McKee. Things have stayed rumours for awhile for the safety of the parties involved. I can announce now that McKee was sent to Gitmo [Guantanamo Bay} while he was trying to enter the United States. I can't comment further as to why red flags were raised, but perhaps there is more to McKee than meets the eye. I'd like to add though, that it could be just a huge error."

In closing, McConkey commented on the future of the team, "I'm not sure where this team's future is heading exactly. With the sudden departure of my teammate/manager, Cullen, I'm sort of by myself now. So with 7 or so races left, I just want to try and finish out the season. I do not think this team has a future in the league beyond 2009. There is a possibility an old name could return with a buyout for 2010, but that deal has not been completed, yet..."