September 21, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
It is a known fact that the Superleague is becoming more and more competitive each round. As teams get more stable and drivers accustomise themselves with the 2009 car, some pure flashes of quality light up the Superleague sky.

It is no news that Joe Consiglio is a great talent - but his supremacy is going to be fiercely contested by a fresh batch of new drivers who are ready to fight for the win.

CSG Racing is rumoured to be fielding a yet unknown, but highly regarded, pair of drivers, and other teams are actively scouting around for individuals able to race for podiums.

But in Brazil, all eyes will be on Fusion debutant James Linton, who in the recent GPVWC Masters Series race in Belgium drove to an inch of perfection to snatch a double victory in his first event. Linton, who will replace Mark Fuller, has yet to try the Superleague car in an official session, but is already causing a general optimism in the Fusion camp, with teammate Phil Perkins confident Linton "will be fighting for Fusion's first win" before the end of the 2009 campaign.

Joe Consiglio's grip on the 2009 World Championship seems now more than solid - but the story of the next few races is all but to write.