September 27, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Platform Michelangelo Team has confirmed Dutchman Daniel Bolman as race driver for the rest of season. Bolman will partner Kieran Ryan in an attempt to score as many points as possible before the end of the 2009 campaign.

As the driver situation is now solved, the team can start focussing on 2010, with news on next year's entry still waiting to be confirmed. "I would really like to set up the team for 2010 Superleague but I can't confirm that yet" said team owner Michelangelo Manrique. "Kieran and Danny will fight hard for some points in order to collect as many as possible in 2009. Both have contract for 2009 but actually we can't confirm more for 2010."

"Bolman just signed and we have not much references with PM car. We hope he adapts quickly to it in order to get conclusions allowing us to take a decision about 2010".

Is this the end of Manrique's own involvement in racing as a driver? "I first must sort my agenda for 2010. This year hasn't been very stable for me, due to issues related to the economic climate which caused some problems, issues I must fix with time and patience. Due to the work setting up again the Design Studio, University works and projects and some courses I am going to start I could hardly do any driving... I am willing to enter other series or events in the future, but I can't commit to anything before my agenda is clear."

Some rumours in the paddock talk about the possibility Kieran leaving at the end of this season. "We are not going to publish official communications about until we decide somethings first" declared Manrique, "we know Kieran's needs and requirements to continue. He is really a nice guy and a professional driver always looking for the best and pushing the car to the limits... so any team could be proud to get him onboard. What we wish is to see him enjoying racing even if we can't offer him what he expects".

Discussion also involved Platform Michelangelo, the company behind the PM team, and its agreement with GPVWC to develop the website/applications for 2010. "The 2010 project suffered some delays due to the problems the studio had, but I am confident about the new GPVWC distribution. It is really an improved version that we are developing to the detail in order to offera better user experience improving usability... but detailed info will appear soon and maybe some pictures too."

The 2010 distribution of the website is rumoured to include multi-series support, a new User Interface and a completely new R&D System.