September 27, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
After a Brazilian Grand Prix that saw a few drivers suffering server issues, a thorough investigation has been conducted on the causes of such troubles and on the possible measures that can be taken to avoid the same problems to happen again.

The server hosting company singled out a faulty router as the cause of the troubles, and provided to replace it with a fully functioning one which will hopefully provide the stability needed for the final races of the Superleague and the future events that will be held in the GPVWC.

The server has now been opened again with the Monza track loaded, and the GPVWC Administration invites all driver to test it and report any lag/synchronisation issues or any other problem which might occur.

In order to provide an extra layer of safety, the server hosting company has provided an extra server for free use as backup. In case of known problems, like those reported by drivers before the Brazilian GP, we will be able to switch to the backup server which is constantly updated with the current mod/track info.

Hopefully, these measures will provide enjoyable and stable racing for all the drivers involved in the GPVWC.