September 29, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Rumours among the well informed within the paddock have been reporting the imminent announcement of the 2010 calendar. The best guesses about it believe the calendar will be released by the end of the week, representing the first official step of next year's season.

However, more rumours linger on both the name of the tracks that will host a race in 2010 and the number of races itself. A last minute news being distributed in the GPVWC paddock predicts a possible expansion of the race calendar from 18 to 19 races.

"I cannot confirm nor deny any rumour" said GPVWC Admin Michelangelo Manrique when asked on the subject. "We are definitely working on the next season's calendar, and one of the ideas being floated about is that of adding an extra race."

The 2010 calendar is most likely going to be more compact, eliminating several of the "dead moments" experienced in 2009, which will be occupied by test sessions, and dramatically reducing the summer break.

The elimination of the break would mean an 18-race calendar would be extremely short - possibly one of the reasons behind the idea of a possible 19th race, like in the Formula One championship.