October 08, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Welcome to the 2009 GPVWC Superleague Italian Grand Prix official Press Conference. At the end of one of the most exciting races in the season, we have race winner Lee Morris (ENG, CSG Racing) and 3rd-placed Joe Consiglio (MLT, Nordsjoen Racing). Runner up Janne Tanskanen unfortunately could not attend the conference.

Q. Lee - welcome to the GPVWC and congratulations: what a stunning start for your career! How was your first race - and your first victory?

LM. Thank you, I really appreciate it. The GPVWC is a very well run league. Early on in the race, today, it was a case of pushing as hard as I could to pull a gap as I didn't know if the guys behind were on 1 or 2 stops. Then, in the middle stint, I came out and realised some were on 2 stops and some were 1 stopping, so I just took it steady for a few laps while the graining cleared up on the tyres. We had a big problem with the rear tyres graining after 4 laps, so it was very hard at that point.

From then on, it was just push push push and I built up a huge gap.. came out of the pits and was way ahead, so I had done enough work, the race was very clean, and I really enjoyed it.

Q. How did you find the rest of the field you competed against?

LM. It was a challenging race, as the strategy was important, and the 1 stoppers really came alive in the mid part of the race. Joe was very quick but I think he had a poor start which cost him, and Janne was very quick too. I was impressed by how mature some of the drivers were, it's a new league, and when you come from the most proffesional league in the world to a new league its often hard to find positives, but the website is fantastic, the organisation is great, the race marshalling is good, the drivers are friendly, and welcomed us greatly, and the on track action was good, and mature.

Q. Thank you Lee, we will be back with you soon.

Joe, 6 points gained or an occasion lost?

JC. Can I say both? (laughs) No, in all honesty my race today was for 2nd place, realistically thats the best I could have hoped for. Lee was just so fast, I've never been outqualified by a second before so it was a real eye opener! I struggled with setup here and went conservative with my strategy and tyres. Hopefully the gap between myself and CSG's will come down a bit, but well done to Lee for a fantastic drive today.

Q. How was your race?

JC. I got off the line reasonably well, but kinda found myself boxed in by Janne and Lee. It was totally fair driving from both but obviously made turn 1 very difficult and I lost out to Nick and Chris on the exit. So settled it 5th and then heard about Adam's crash, unlucky for him. I was pretty sure Janne and I would be 1 stopping and most others 2 stopping. Kinsman was driving well but his connection was very laggy. I decided to play it safe and not risk an overtaking move. He pitted on lap 15, I was released into 4th and able to start pumping in some decent laps.

By the time all the pitstops played out I was 3rd and catching Janne fast (for 2nd). He was struggling with his tyres and I had a few looks up the inside, it was really exciting clean racing. On the last lap I

made a small mistake going into Ascari so had to settle for 3rd in the end, but in terms of championship I only lost 2 points today. If I can keep that up in the next four races it will be enough for the title.

Q. One last question for you, Lee. It is all very late in the season - what can you expect from the following races?

LM. Well, as I only just joined the league obviosly the championship is not possible, but my aim is to win the remaining races, nothing but wins will be good enough!

A quite feisty statement, but what we have seen today in Monza surely represents a big warning sign to all in the GPVWC. To know whether the CSG troops will storm the rest of the season, we have to wait for next week in Valencia.