October 15, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
An intense week of tests on the Valencia Street Circuit not only produced some interesting times, a few hair-raising moments and miles and miles of practice for the drivers involved, but also raised a few doubts over the legality of a few maneuvers.

Particularly, the spotlight has set on some very wide run-off areas which, while protecting drivers' safety in case of accidents, can provide unfair advantages if used to gain acceleration.

The GPVWC Administration would like, therefore, to invite all drivers to try and keep on the official track (including kerbs) during official sessions in the forthcoming Spanish GP. If on a hotlap, drivers deemed to have gained time in an off-track moment will receive a 5-places grid penalty for the race, while during the race itself, repeated, voluntary excursions will be punished by the Race Directors with a stop&go.