October 15, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Nordsjoen Racing clinched the 2009 Constructors' Championship title with three races to spare, courtesy of Joe Consiglio and Adam Rouse's 3rd and 4th places in the Spanish GP in Valencia.

Nordsjoen's title is the first GPVWC Constructors' crown awarded for an online Championship, and as such, it acquires a special importance in the history of GPVWC. After the Spanish Grand Prix, the Nordsjoen hospitality suite was the stage for jubilant scenes and wild celebration involving all members of the team.

Drivers' Championship current leader Joe Consiglio, interviewed while wearing a t-shirt saying "A. Rouse me" and visibly tipsy, said: "It feels really good. This will go down in the league's history books so it's something to be proud of for sure, it's been a very competitive season.

I think Adam and myself have been very consistent this year, evenly matched and able to push each other to great results. The team has picked up 9 wins, 6 from myself, 2 from Adam and 1 from Fernando [Laff] so its been a very sucessful season. All credit to [team owner] Will [Ponissi], he's assembled a great team and a nice working environment. This one is for you mate!"

Team mate Adam Rouse, who wasn't wearing any Joe-related items of clothing, also had some thoughts to share on this important occasion: "I am delighted to seal the constructors up, for Will and Joe as well as myself this is a great achievement. It's been tough, mid-season I think we were all losing a bit of focus but we have come back strong and sealed it with races to spare. Now its time to get Joe his Drivers' title and its the perfect season for us, couldnt be happier!"

Team Manager Birgitte Wangensteen highlighted how work for the team in 2009 is far from over: "It is obviously fantastic to receive this reward for all our work this season, but we are still fighting to give Joe the Drivers' title and we will not lose focus until both are sealed. I want to thank Joe, Adam, Fernando and all the people who worked and contributed to this success - enjoy this party!"

Nordsjoen Racing, which won the Constructors' title in 2008 in very different circumstances, hasn't announced yet its drivers for 2010.