October 21, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
GPVWC Administrator Michelangelo Manrique released the following statement:

"It is hard to take some decisions sometimes, but I think we (people) must do those things according with our responsibility. Current economic situation (world's economic crisis) affects our life directly in more or less ways.

For me, it is hard taking decision to leave from GPVWC in all duties i was involved, and I have several reasons to do it in each one of those areas.

The most important issue that currently makes me to leave is -as I said- the economic situation. A lot of times we said about the GPVWC as space to enjoy the simracing, but time involving development makes me to lose the time I should expend trying to work in my real life in order to avoid problems in my personal relations and my professional future. Current situation is Spain is really bad and will be -as they say- for next years and I can't continue with actual state.

This is the most important thing I should be sort right now. We all live in a house paying invoices, bills, renting house and more expenses... and I can't support current situation, closing eyes and working in a project without profit for 6 or 7 hours daily.

Obviously I would be pleased -as I was- if my personal life and professional career was sorted in first. I think this take sense but this is not actually.

As some people know, I am setting up again the Platform Studio but the way will be long so far, new projects should be started with the aiming to get benefits, grow my professional side or work with foundations trying to obtain benefits supporting that all of you desire... a normal life.., and this requires 24h working hard trying to find solutions and this could take year/s.

Time i was involved in GPVWC development was great and the project has currently a structure that could be improved easily.

I found great people here and I wish you ALL the best. There was good, not as good moments but never I had bad ones.

Enjoy and keep the GPVWC growing as community and simracing experience.

Best regards!"

William Ponissi, the GPVWC Administration and everyone in the GPVWC wish Michelangelo the best in his career and wish him success for the future.