October 24, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Joe Consiglio's hope of controlling the standings in the Drivers' Championship suffered a massive blow as the Maltese driver failed to finish in a chaotic Belgian Grand Prix in Spa-Francorchamps.

Consiglio's rival, Janne Tanskanen, made almost the best of the Nordsjoen's driver misadventures and collected 8 points, finishing behind the ever-winning Lee Morris, and is now trailing by only 5 points with two races to spare.

The race, which will be remembered by the three restarts called by the Race Directors, following a crash by Chris Allen at Eau Rouge in the first start, and a collision between Allen and Rowland in the second.

Eventually, in the actual race, Lee Morris managed to create a good gap with the pursuers; Tanskanen, with Consiglio not able to rejoin for the later starts, settled in second and Nick Rowland followed in third.

Adam Rouse, who slipped to the back of the pack at the start, was able to fight his way to fourth place, salvaging something in the day for Nordsjoen, while debutant Liam Hatchell was a convincing fifth for Synergetic. Chris Allen was able to keep it on the grey stuff this time and finished 6th, with other debutant Jason Muscat doing great to clinch 7th on the only D.O.R. on track. William Ponissi was the last scorer.

With just Zandvoort and Singapore left in the 2009 calendar, the fight for the Drivers' Championship becomes hotter by the minute. Joe Consiglio, who came to Belgium with a substantial lead to administrate, now feels Tanskanen breath on his neck. However, 5 more points gained on the Finn would guarantee a first title for the Maltese driver.

With just a few days left before the Dutch GP, tension is surely mounting in the Nordsjoen and Evans Blue camps.