October 29, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The Dutch GP saw Nordsjoen driver Joe Consiglio being crowned World Champion and Lee Morris clinching his fourth straight win. They are joined by third placed Mark Wicks from Woods Racing.

Q. Congratulations to you three - and to the rest of the field for one of the cleanest races of all season. A new World Champion has been crowned today - and a worthy one. But let's go in order. Lee, can you talk us through yet another win?

LM. We did a lot of work before the race to make sure our tyres would hold out. We also noticed early in the week our fuel usage was incorrect, so we tested that and made the perfect strategy. Once again our two-stop worked like a charm, Nick [Rowland] was unlucky not to finish P2 as he had the pace but made a few tiny mistakes which cost him. His effort all week was outstanding and I really hope he can get his just reward.

My start was clean. After that it was a very comfortable race, I always knew I had the pace to win so just stuck the laps in when needed... but well... it was very comfortable. No pressure all race, I caught up to Joe but didn't attempt to challenge as he had a championship to fight for and I don't , some good driving out there today thanks to the backmarkers for moving over easy.. next race.. 5 out of 5!

Q. And now to you, Joe. World Champion! How does that feel?

JC. Wow, it's not really sunk in yet but it sounds awesome. I started in this league back in 2002 as a 16 year old kid driving GP3 with a keyboard... never dreamed I'd be Champion 7 years later. Its just surreal at the moment. I have to thank Will [Ponissi] and Adam [Rouse] for all their support this season. Will in particular after my horrible Spa race was very supportive afterwards. Now we're here... we made it!

Q. Congratulations again, Joe.

Lee, had you been here from the start, things would have been different: a new, formidable opponent for Joe. Is that a challenge for 2010?

LM. I think so too, Joe is a good racer. I think he's not really bothered with what I do in the final rounds, he's basicaly done what he needs to do to win the Championship. We can run the lowest radiators, the highest boost to win the races while Joe cannot afford to do that. He's racing with his head where as I'm racing to win. It's a completley different pressure, maybe in the final round we will see Joe at his best, but I really do wonder why no one has latched onto our strategies yet. I've won all the races on a 2 stop now, and only a few guys seem to have caught onto it. As for 2010, my aim is to win every single race!

Q. And Joe - the question everyone wants to ask: what about your involvement in 2010? Will you defend your title? And if so, where?

JC. I'm still undecided about next year. If I do return, it will almost certainly be with Nordsjoen. Real life is getting busier and busier so I can't gurantee anything just yet. I'll be sure to sit down with Will at some point during the Winter and see what we can work out. Right now I'm just enjoying the moment!

Q. And to close this press conference, some words from Mark Wicks.

MW. Definately my hardest race, pushing every lap like it was qualifying for me. So I'm proud of the result and spending the race up there pushing with the Nords for a change.

Q. Thank you all for your time and congratulations again. We will see you in a week for the last 2009 GPVWC Superleague Press Conference.