November 03, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
Christoph Lichtenstein has been released from his contract at Gear F1 today, an announcement from the team reports. The German driver, that had only just started his Superleague career, will be replaced by lead driver Wayne Mullins' brother Stephen.

"Christoph has had a couple of races to show what he can do and as of yet we sadly had to see any sign of improvement" said a spokesperson from Gear F1. "We would like to wish Cristoph the very best in the future but feel it would be better served if he focused on driving with another team."

The announcement comes after three lacklustre performances by the young German, who has been on track for just 16 laps between the Spanish, Belgian and Dutch Grand Prix.

The team - which is believed to be preparing for the last race under the Gear F1 moniker, the team having been bought by Welshman Mullins midway through the season - will be lining up rookie Stephen Mullins. "After months of negotiations and perusasion we have managed to convince Stephen to come out of retirement and have a one-off race for the Gear team" said team owner Mullins. "My brother is an increadibly talented driver, and although he has been out of the car for a while now I'm sure that he can finally provide me with a team mate that will push me along and help the Gear team gain potential points in the last round of the season".

The team also stressed how, while Stephen's running will be limited, he will brings with him a wealth of experience and driving skill that is second to none.