November 03, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
In a disappointing turn of events, it has transpired that Stephen Mullins will not be able to make his much anticipated return to the cockpit at the Singapore Grand Prix.

During testing in order to bring Stephen back up to speed, it was revealed that a mysterious neck injury sustained whilst racing Segways earlier in the year has yet to fully heal.

It was felt by the team manager Wayne Mullins that his brother's health and safety should come first and the questions raised regarding whether his neck would stand up to the high speeds and g-forces of modern Superleague cars was too great to ignore.

In a statement released by Stephen Mullins he stated "I'm bitterly disappointed not to be entering the final race of the season alongside my brother in Singapore. Earlier this year I competed in a charity Segway race and fell off, hurting my neck in the process. Unfortunately it has not properly healed and my doctors advise me that I should not be racing Superleague cars in the immediate future."

The fate of the second seat of the Gear car for the final race of the season is now uncertain. It is believed that recently fired driver Christoph Lichtenstein has secured another drive with a rival team, possibly forcing Mullins to field just one car in the season's final showdown.