November 06, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
The 2009 GPVWC Superleague season was drawn to a close with a spectacular race in Singapore, the first such event in the history of the league to be competed at night.

World Champion Joe Consiglio went agonisingly close to breaking the Lee Morris streak, but a mistake 5 laps from the flag deprived the Maltese ace of a well-fought win - which went to the grateful CSG driver insteam, who made 5 out of 5 in the season end.

The start of the race saw a small contact between Wayne Mullins and Nick Rowland escalate in a potentially dangerous situation as the English driver spun to the wall and rebounded in the path of incoming cars. Fortunately, no other drivers beside Rowland had their race cut short by the turn 1 trouble.

In front, the race between an ever-fast Morris and a finally worry-free Consiglio heated up, with the pair swapping positions at pit stops and putting up a display that could as well be perfect as an advertisement for the GPVWC. Eventually, the last round of pitstops resulted in Consiglio taking the lead and going towards his 7th win of the season. However, the last word of the story of this race was not written yet: a mistake - a very rare occurrance in Joe Consiglio's amazing season - let Morris through with just 5 laps to go and deprived all spectators of what was shaping up to be a classic battle for the win.

As Lee Morris cut the line 1st to clinch another win for CSG, Consiglio was able to salvage 2nd place ahead of team mate Adam Rouse. Mark Wicks was 4th - enough to snatch 2nd place in the Constructors' standings from Janne Tanskanen and Adam Rouse. 5th went to a very good Mark Stanton, with Chris Allen 6th, Wayne Mullins 7th and Jason Muscat collecting the last point for 8th.

The Singapore Grand Prix provided a fantastic ending to the first season of online racing for GPVWC. As the teams and drivers enjoy a few weeks of well-deserved rest before starting to prepare the 2010 season, the GPVWC Administration would like to thank all the individuals and teams who contributed to making this season a great success.