November 09, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
One of the most loved traditions of the GPVWC is back for its annual showdown: the 2009 Awards, symbolic prizes meant to celebrate the good, the bad and the quirky of the just-finished Superleague season, are ready to be assigned to some of the most remarkable performers of the year.

As usual, the GPVWC Awards will be chosen by the Drivers and Managers who competed in the 2009 season - making the awards significant as they are an acknowledgement coming from fellow competitors. All in all, however, the Awards are meant to be a tongue-in-cheek celebration of a great season of GPVWC racing.

Each Manager and Driver can vote by sending a message (via the login area) to GPVWC Admin William Ponissi (subject: GPVWC Awards) indicating the top three individuals/teams for each categories. Number 1 will receive three points, number 2 will receive two points and number 3 will receive 1 point.

The categories for the 2009 GPVWC Superleague Awards are:

Best Driver of the Season

For that particular someone who was... simply the best. He showed skill, speed and cool - and the results speak for him.

Best Rookie of the Season

For the most impressive debutant in the league - a name we will get to remember in the future of GPVWC.

Most Improved Driver

To the driver who showed the biggest progression in terms of skill, pace and quality of driving throughout the season.

Best of the Rest

Besides those race-winning drivers and season dominators, who has been the "best of the rest" - competing regularly for podiums and point finishes?

Best Livery

Looks aren't everything. Or maybe they are. In any case, some cars just look better than others. (NOTE: voting is open also to teams which did NOT finish the 2009 season).

Best Team of the Season

Organisation, efficiency, team-work are just some of the qualities necessary to win this award. Remember: the best team is not necessarily the most successful.

Best New Team of the Season

Managing a team in the Superleague is not easy - the more so if you are a debutant outfit.

Most Improved Team

They might have started badly, but they finished on a high. This award goes to the team which progressed the most throughout the season.

Best Starter

Regardless of overall skill, some drivers just get off the line better than others. Vote for the Lap 1 wonders!

Overachiever of the Year

A special award for the driver who exceeded expectations, fought against the odds, and came home with more than he would have wished for.

Underachiever of the Year

He showed great promise in the winter tests. He was all smiles at the team launch. He finished the Championship in a lowly position, and the World Champion doesn't even remember his name. Who is the underachiever of the season?

Most Crash-Prone Driver

We would have liked to name it after one driver who probably deserves it more than anyone - but we cannot express any bias. This award goes to that driver who just cannot avoid DNF.

Remember to vote the TOP THREE in each category. The deadline to submit votes is midnight on Monday 16th November 2009, with the results announced on Tuesday 17th.