November 14, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
After finishing mid-field in the Constructors, Synergetic have announced their application for the 2010 season and hope to have a stronger finish and better luck.

The team managed to win points on several occasions, even though driver/manager Mal McKee suffered a string of technical difficulties which saw him finishing only two of the eleven races he entered in 2009.

Bad luck also hampered all of the Synergetic drivers, leading ultimately to the decision by Phillip Cullen to quit. Mal went on extended holiday and tied the knot, leaving the team in Phillie's capable hands. When Phil decided to leave, Ryan took over. Between the two, they kept the team alive, signing two promising drivers in the process: Martin Wright and Liam Hatchell.

Both drivers scored points for the team and Liam is confirmed for next season, with a contract pending. Team owner Mal McKee is looking forward to the next season, disappointed yet bolstered by the performance this year. "I expect Synergetic to perform strongly next year and to finish in a better position, despite the fact that I suspect the competition to be tougher," Mal told us, adding that he is looking forward to his partnership with team mate Liam.

Mal is currently in private testing in Japan as part of the team's preparation for 2010.

Rumours are that another facet will be added and a driver who has already appeared in this season will be signed by the team in an as yet undetermined role.