November 25, 2009
Published on tags: Superleague
With a good set of new teams joining the Superleague in 2010, GPVWC went to discover Draig Racing - which might be a new entrant, but sport some known faces in the GPVWC.

Set in the rolling hills of the Welsh Valleys, in the middle of nowhere, the Draig Racing headquarters are in the outskirts of Merthyr Tydfil, in the Brecon Beacons National Park. The Welsh team has kept its roots firmly in the community, with all factory jobs being filled with local personnel - from the Team Boss to the janitors.

Mike Phillis - who got experience as caretaker of Maximum Racing in 2009 before taking his own team into the Superleague - welcomes us at the gates of the state-of-the-art complex.

"We designed this centre - which looks roughly like an inside-out greenhouse - with two concepts in mind: the first was to achieve privacy and seclusion, the second to respect the environment of our valleys. For each tree felled in the building of this centre, three were replanted. This gave us added privacy, and we also know we are putting back into the environment."

The true secret of Draig, however, is not the high-technology design compound. It is, rather, the Catering facilities, whose design Mike Phillis led personally. "I have been in the catering trade for many years prior to my involvement in the Superleague" the Welshman says, "and I know what people like, the menus they find appealing. I also know where to source out - finding local produce."

While we get plenty of detail on the food that will be served to the Draig employees, we get close to nothing regarding Design and Development of the DR1-1, the Draig contender for 2010. "We are working on the chassis, making sure it is up to the GPVWC regulations" says Phillis, "but I need not mention anything else in this area." Mind games, maybe, or some technological advance to hide from other teams?

Unfortunately, the Draig owner is as tight-lipped as regards the team's driver position: "we have our two drivers for the upcoming season, but as of yet I wish to keep the cards close to my chest. GPVWC have received documentation on this, and in my mind the matter is closed."

For more info, insight and reviews, visit the Draig Racing website at: Draig Racing.