November 28, 2009
Published on tags: Megane Trophy
Rumour circulating in the paddock currently suggests Williamson Dynamics can be expected to announce their driver line-up earlier than expected. The team is reportedly keen to confirm their drivers early to make sure they enjoy the full benefit of their driver development programme in the off-season.

The team have elected not to compete in the Megane Trophy over the winter, chosing instead to test independently over several days in Valencia using last season's WD-01/B Chassis."We would have loved to file an entry to the Megane Trophy, but the timing was just a bit off for us, sadly. After a brief review, we felt drivers could be better evaluated by testing cars as close as possible to our 2010 chassis" stated Team development director, Marco Vandenbroeck.

Vandenbroeck is widely expected to take a race seat himself. The Belgian, who has previous experience in the GPVWC, is held in high regard at Williamson Dynamics as an experienced race driver and a valued test and development driver. He was also the first driver signed to the team after its entry into single-seat formula racing in other leagues, taking home points on his debut; after building a firm partnership with team owners, he was rewarded with a place on the board of directors in mid-2008.

Speculation to his potential team-mate is still sketchy at best. It is understood that the team is likely to recruit from within its own development programme, despite the team allowing drivers from outside the squad to test at it's "shoot-out", similar to the system employed by Scuderia Toro Rosso in Formula 1.

However, the teams star drivers - Columbian ace Camilo Andres Nino, impressive New Yorker Benjamin Chong and tenacious Brit Rizwan Sarwar - are all ruled out due to commitments already agreed prior to the team being issued a GPVWC Licence. This leaves the door open for an upcoming driver from the team's technical partners to make the move to the works team. Orangtech Racing's Gregg Lawson and Jamie Rush have both impressed, while Team owner Ben Williamson is also known to have young Dutchman, Maurice Zondag firmly on his radar.

Talented Frenchman, Mickael Folcher, once the team's upcoming star, has been linked with a return despite leaving the team in mid 2008. "I can't really shed any further light on our dealings I'm afraid, it's a very liquid situation" said team owner, Ben Williamson.

"I understand that recruiting WD backed drivers as rookies may leave some more established drivers out in the cold as seats begin to fill, but it's in no way favouritism. We simply haven't had a lot of interest from within the current GPVWC ranks. We have had plenty of applications through other channels, and all of them are being given equal and fair consideration as would any people who get in touch through the channels within GPVWC."

Williamson then added: "Of course its always nice to see drivers you've developed get into a race seat and do the team proud. We are also aware, however, we could be losing out if we overlook the talent on offer within the series so, we will be making enquiries. On the other hand though, it makes financial sense to recruit internally. It's never black and white in this sport."

Vandenbroeck and Lawson are seen as leading candidates at this stage, despite the team's options being very much open. The Belgian brings a wealth of experience, while Lawson has gone from strength to strength in his debut season after forming links early with the Lancaster based outfit.