December 19, 2008
Published on tags: Interview
Halcyon Racing report on their participation in the second pre-season test in Hockenheim.

Cold weather hampered the test in Germany throughout the day. Chilly conditions met Adam Rouse hit the circuit for his stint. By the turn of the evening, conditions had worsened with rain hitting the circuit. Rain persisted throughout the evening, steadily getting worse as Philip Cullen and Georgios Davakos went out on track.

Despite the poor conditions, all the cars completed their programmes and move on to the third test in San Marino next Thursday.

Adam Rouse: "Another good test day for the HR1. I was lucky enough to find a dry slot in the weather towards the end of the afternoon and completed my required laps with little fuss.?

?The second run of the day was much more productive after a couple of small tweaks to the setup to counteract the low track temperatures, overall not ideal conditions to really do any major setup work for the future. But we gained some decent knowledge on component wear rates and got to try they tyres outside of their operating range which gives us an idea of what to expect should such conditions arise in a race situation."

Philip Cullen: ?Time constraints on a day like this was a bit of a pain to be honest, which meant my only on-track time slot was when the rain was really bucketing it down. The only thing missing from the Irish weather we?ve had recently was a flurry of hailstones.?

?It was however good to get some wet weather running done. No doubt we will have poor conditions at some point during the season and running in the poor conditions allowed myself and Georgios to get a feel for the wet weather compound and what it was capable of. The weather might be one of those joker cards we look to throughout the season to create a surprise so whatever we learn is vital.?

Georgios Davakos: "The test at Hockenheim went smoothly with little to no problems from my end. As I entered the track with my wet tires the track seemed to be quite wet and I could see a couple of drivers struggling for grip.?

?The laps went on and before I knew it I felt as if I was dancing with the car and I am absolutely enjoying myself driving the Superleague car. On my end, I was more consistent than ever when it came to putting down timed laps, while at the same time I had maybe four-five driving errors which is a huge step forward from the previous testing season.?