March 29, 2020


Rait Kilk and Matthias Muuss scoring big points in the desert.
In the first Superleague race that upgrades had been installed to the cars, nothing less than a hard race expected for Red Archer !

With Matthias starting from the 8th spot and Rait from the 11th the target was once more to keep high pace, pit in the correct lap and take advantage of any front cars mistakes !

The start of the race found the Estonian ace jump two cars to meet Matthias at P9 and they drove a part of a multiple cars train to the first pit stop while they had switched positions before after a tiny driving mistake.

Lap 21 and Matthias was out of his pit stop while Rait was through the start/finish line full speed with DRS open fighting to overtake and unfortunately met Matthias in the braking zone of turn 1.

While both "reds" were side by side into the turn Rait went out of it first followed by Matthias and the third car !

The 2nd stint of the race had started "push" mode was available for the "greeks" but the train was far and they had to make sure alternative strategy drivers would not follow !

The duet drove to the end with extreme consistency and took advantage of front car failure to finally score the first top 10 of the season and keep the team into top 5 of the standings which is the main goal for this season !

Turkish GP in 2 weeks and feels like it will be a very different race than the first 2 of the season . . .