2010 Supercup Chinese Grand Prix

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The second round of the 2010 Supercup series took place at the Shanghai circuit in China and saw an exciting three-way battle for the win eventually won by British driver Chris Williamson. After a strong start, The Constant Racing cars of David & Mark Stanton started slipping back allowing Williamson into the lead before the pitstops.

However, fast work by the Constant and Red 5 pitcrews allowed David Stanton to retake the lead with Christoph Lichtenstein in 2nd. In the closing stages of the race, Williamson managed to hold his nerve while those in front made crucial errors, allowing the Englishman to take his first Supercup win.

The battle in the front was not the only one to keep spectators glued to the screens as in the mid-pack, teammates Gavin Thomas and Christoph Licthenstein also put up a good show, with the occasional appearance by William Ponissi. The Italian, however, would be involved in a true highlight-making battle with Mark Stanton: the two drivers, who fought for P5 almost uninterruptedly for 10 laps, exchanged positions several times – until Ponissi seemed to gain the upper hand with less than a lap to go.

A mistake by the Nordsjoen driver, however, saw Stanton close the gap and attempt a desperate lunge in the inside of the last turn. The two drivers crossed the line side by side, with the Constant driver a mere 0.025s in front to claim the closest finish of a race ever. A post-race analysis, however, showed the Englishman to have cut the last turn, and the stewards decided to award P5 back to Ponissi, classifying the two drivers with the same finishing time.

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2010 Supercup Chinese Grand Prix
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