January 03, 2019
Published on tags: Superleague Career Ladder 2019


As in 2018, GPVWC SimRacing will offer EUR2000 in prize money to the top drivers and teams in the Career Ladder's flagship series, the Superleague.
Following the introduction of prize money for the Superleague in 2018, the GPVWC Management announced a return of the popular incentives to reward the leading teams in the championship.

As in 2018, the breakdown of the prize pot will see the top three teams and drivers receiving the prizes, with the amounts as follows:

1st placed: EUR600
2nd placed: EUR300
3rd placed: EUR100

The inaugural prize cheques went to ACR Zakspeed, Edge Esports and Evolution Motorsport in 2018, while the drivers rewarded were World Champion Alex Siebel, Petar Brljak and Risto Kappet.