2010 Australian Grand Prix

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Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. The Australian Grand Prix. Twenty-four cars. The start of a season to remember. The Nordsjoen Racing car of Janne Tanskanen looked quick during the Practice session, and continued his reign at the top of the timing sheets with a flawless Pole Position. Augustin Canapino of Argentina Racing Team sat quietly in his shadow, with Lee Morris's CSG Racing resting in third. ART's Fernando Babij hung onto his team-mate's tail in fourth, while Oz Racing's Emmanuel Gaczella and Synergetic's Liam Hatchell rounded off row three.

Liam Hatchell in action at the 2010 Australian GP.

As the four lights went out, Tanskanen got a perfect start and continued to lead into turn one, with Morris passing Canapino for second place. Hatchell tried the inside of Gaczella, but instead scooted around the outside of turn one to take an unexpecting Babij through turn two. However, the former subsequently out-powered the Synergetic into turn three. Behind the opening pack, CSG's Nick Rowland and Woods Racing's Kieran Ryan both caught the outside kerb of turn two, losing places as a result.

There was plenty of heartache in lap 1, as Wayne Mullins of Draig Racing ended Roy Wachtmeester's debut early - an impact in the braking zone of turn 9 damaging his suspension, before an aftermath impact with the wall completely nullified his hopes of a top ten finish.

As the race went on, Rowland came alive, forcing a pass on Mark Fuller's ST Racing into turn one, the latter rounding off a dramatic moment by sliding off into the gravel, but rescuing his Honda-powered car in quick time. Synergetic's Gavin Thomas was forced to an early pit-stop after losing his front wing against the Yellowbirds GP car of Marco Vandenbroek, with Mark Stanton soon capitalising too, by slipping his Constant past into turn one.

Hatchell's season start came to an abrupt end after a heavy impact with the wall on the exit of turn five - a bad day for Synergetic. Mickael Folcher followed suit on the exit of turn twelve, diving head first into the barrier on the opposite side. Both drivers escaped unscathed, which is more than can be said for their cars. Mark Stanton and Lee Iden also joined the list of retirees in the same lap. Rowland had a close shave at the second chicane, but managed to fight the spin and continue his race.

Gavin Thomas caused trouble for Lee Morris, who failed to avoid the spinning Welshman. Babij also had a reaction test, just managing to skim the Synergetic's wheels.

Up front, Tanskanen continued to lead the race after the first batch of pit stops, followed by Canapino, Morris, Babij, Mark Wicks and debutant Tom Parker. Morris struggled for grip, and Babij and Wicks began to reel him in at over one second per lap. The trio emerged from their second pit stops less than six seconds apart, starting an epic battle for the podium. Morris came on top of this little race, after both Wicks and Babij collide with the wall, the Woods Racing driver coming off worse, dropping two laps down.

Richard Bayes suffered a brake failure late in the race and had a huge crash into the second chicane, luckily stepping out of the car - albeit winded.

As the chequered flag fell, Janne Tanskanen took full points away from Australia with Canapino in second and Morris in third. ART claimed the top of the Constructor's table, with Babij in 4th place.

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