January 14, 2008
Published on tags: General
GPVWC 2008 Carset

Preparations for the 2008 season are going well, with already 7 team applications in. It is now time to start thinking about the Official GPVWC Carset.

The GPVWC Carset Manager will be Adam Rouse, who will gather the required files from all the team managers and compile a carset. The official product will be available for the season opener in March, but most likely there will be a few beta carsets released for the winter tests.

In order to limit the problems that a complex carset can create, Adam suggested to limit the number of different carshapes available. We thus have a range of three shapes (one of which comes in two versions) to choose from. From 2009 on, however, every team will be free to choose any shape.

The deadline for submitting your files is the 15th of February, in order to allow Adam to have enough time to compile the carset.

The completed files (and, if you want, the work in progress versions to allow for beta versions to be created) are to be sent to carset@gpvwc.com

Carshapes available for 2008 Season, select your team's carshape:SMD-01: View shape | Download fileWGP-01: View shape | Download fileRBR-02: View shape | Download fileArai-06 Helmet: Download file