October 14, 2018
Published on tags: General


The GPVWC Disciplinary Committee is looking for new support, opening up its ranks to committed individuals willing to take the organisation to the next level.

The Disciplinary Committee is always looking for new support. With an increasing number of members, increasing grid sizes, and additional series, the DC got an ever-increasing workload. While they have managed the 2018 season fairly well, advances will have to be made to ensure that 2019 can be even better and more consistent.

The topics that the DC is striving towards a focus on:
- Adjusting of the token system
- Meeting decision deadlines
- A fair review of incidents
- Being able to handle even more members on track in the future

Everybody in the league has a responsibility to help in the way the league runs. What the DC is looking for, are members who have approximately 1 hour per week, all serie-season long, available for reviewing reported incidents and handling other checks necessary to ensure fair racing.

Do you think you can be a valuable addition to the DC team, then message Roy Schroten.