March 17, 2008
Published on tags: General
Tanskanen Racing gave out a short press relase to international media. This time the press relase contained some information about their plans for GPVWC.

The press release said following:

?We are eagerly waiting GPVWC season to start as our package is coming along very well. The car development is on schedule. We have been able to have a extensive wind tunnel testing program during the winter period. This has helped us to develop our car even further. We believe that our car will be generally strong in every aspect, so in other words, we have high hopes for this upcoming season.

Our engine development department has been working 24/7 to get our engines ready in time. I am relieved to say that we?re on schedule on this thing as well. I would say that generally the atmosphere in our team is great, our drivers are very motivated to this new challenge and every member of our team is committed to work endless hours to get us the best possible results.

Let?s get racing, Cya at Melbourne!