June 03, 2009
Published on tags: General
GPVWC Admins Michelangelo Manrique and William Ponissi announced a new deal that will bring the GPVWC Superleague in the Czech Republic.

Autodrom Most, one of the homes of Czech motorsport, will host a race in 2009, with a deal to host one in 2010 if this season's edition turns out a success. "The Czech Republic is a fascinating land, and to bring the Superleague here is an invitation for all our East European friends to join the GPVWC" explained Ponissi. "In our first year of rFactor racing, we are paying a particular attention to the choice of tracks: with the unique blend our cars are, we need to find tracks that allow the pure power and technology of these vehicles to emerge - and we think Most is one of those".

The Czech Grand Prix will substitute the cancelled Russian GP. "It is a pity not to race in Moscow" said Ponissi "while we would like to promote the GPVWC in Russia, we think that Autodrom Moscow did not offer the standards for racing that we expect in our flagship competition."

Moscow is the second track to lose its place in the 2009 calendar - Ahvenisto in Finland being the first - due to its characteristics, deemed not suitable for the powerful Superleague racers. The GPVWC Administration would like to thank Mark Stanton for testing the Autodrom Moscow, Eurasia and Most tracks and reporting excellent feedback that helped the GPVWC Administration make an educated choice about the venue for the race.