June 23, 2009
Published on tags: General
Round 9 in the GPVWC 2009 Superleague represents the midway point of the season and, with the summer break quickly approaching, a moment to reflect on the achievements of the first half of the Championships.

At least, this can be true for Team Managers: the Drivers, instead, will have enough on their hands trying to tame the difficult Sakhir track, one the first tests show will turn out to be a very technical and unforgiving one. Add to this the scorching heat - and its consequences on tyres, engines and drivers alike - and the 42 laps on the Gulf track are already shaping up to be a big battle.

Nordsjoen will field newcomer Fernando Laaff - a former Bracciano Racing driver - to substitute Adam Rouse besides Championship leader Joe Consiglio, while rivals Woods Racing and Evans Blue will present their usual lineups, with Dave Carr-Smith and Janne Tanskanen aiming to re-open the fight for the crown against the Maltese driver.

The race will also see the debut of Fusion Motorsport, a new team - replacing Phoenix Racing - managed by Phil Perkins. Perkins and Fuller already proved to be solid point-scorers, but their new outfit will enter the fray looking to score some maiden points in a field where at least a dozen drivers can aim for a top-8 position.

Particular attention has to be given to turn 1 - possibly one of the sharpest ones since the Irish Grand Prix - where drivers will need to be particularly careful not to cause a massive pile up. With the help of a committed team of Race Directors, the premises are there for an exciting race here from Sakhir!