August 23, 2009
Published on tags: General
Spanish design studio Platform Michelangelo is rumoured to be planning a comeback to the 2009 Superleague, after being forced to remove its sponsorship of the team currently known as TWN in May.

"A deal is on the cards and the resurgence of Platform Michelangelo as a company could be finalised soon" said Mr Manrique, "but it might be too early to discuss about rebranding the TWN team again".

Platform Michelangelo was a fixture of the GPVWC until the folding of the studios caused the team to be renamed TWN. Driver Kieran Ryan has been performing well for the Spanish outfit, which is going to continue its involvement in the season regardeless of the name issue.

However, Manrique is optimist about the future of the deal: "I think we could complete the operation and be back in GPVWC as Platform Michelangelo Team after 11 September, when an agreement will be total for both parties, the studio and domain/hosting supplier".