September 03, 2009
Published on tags: General
The Canadian Grand Prix will see the debut of a new feature in the GPVWC Paddock Area - one that will help bring clean racing and more enjoyment to the Superleague.

All Drivers and Team Managers will now have the possibility to submit appeals in the 24 hours after a race, by simply choosing the "Appeals" options in their Box02 or Box03. By simply filling out the form with as many information as possible, they will notify the Race Directors of incidents that need post-race reviewing.

Race Directors will be able to automatically rule on the appeals, and will have the possiblity to inflict fines to the team, revoke Superlicense points and inflict next-race grid penalties. In the worst cases, race bans can be issued.

The appeal system will obviously undergo a review after the Canadian Grand Prix, when the feedback from drivers and Race Directors will allow the Administration to improve the service.