September 25, 2009
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Adam Rouse jumped on the highest step on the podium for the first time since the opening Grand Prix in Melbourne and re-opened his Championship quest with a win in an eventful Brazilian Grand Prix.

The English driver survived turn 1 mayhem, server issues and his Nordsjoen's fickle nature to win ahead of ever-consistent Mark Wick and debutant James Linton, while Lee Iden and Martin Wright also opened their points account.

At the start, the top drivers went away smoothly while, in a position somewhere between the leaders and midpack, Phil Perkins was hit violently by Chris Allen, the Fusion car breaking the diffuser in the process. Gavin Thomas was also hit, and his Gear collected Ponissi and Evangelidakis resulting in retirement for the Welsh driver.

Server trouble hit the surviving 18 driver soon after, cars warping and disappearing, and some trouble persisted throughout all the race. The most notable names to be afflicted included Championship leader Joe Consiglio, who lost connection when in the lead, and Kieran Ryan, then an excellent 4th.

On track, battles saw Linton and Wicks fight for 2nd, the Cornish driver taking full advantage of the Fusion driver's spin with a few laps to spare, and some drivers compete for lower positions. Martin Oconnor was victim of a spin into the barrier late in the race, leaving only 9 cars to cross the line.

Ponissi on Constant was 9th, Evangelidakis on DOR 8th, Allen 7th, while Phil Perkins suffered a late engine failure that left him 6th. Lee Iden got a season's best 4th place, just in front of Martin Wright, 5th.

However, the standings got shook up by a post-race disqualification of Chris Allen, guilty of punting three drivers in four occasions without serving any drive-through. It is unknown whether the driver will appeal the decision.