October 27, 2009
Published on tags: General
Sixteen action-packed races have so far failed to put any significant gap between Championship contenders Joe Consiglio and Janne Tanskanen. The two drivers lay 5 points apart with just two races left - and the forthcoming Dutch Grand Prix could mean success or despair for both.

Zandvoort sees GPVWC action for the first time in its history, the dune-based track making its debut in the 2009 Superleague. It is a twisty, narrow track that on paper should favour Nordsjoen, which is more apt than rivals Evans Blue Racing on this kind of tracks. However, Tanksanen proved his skill on similar tracks in the past, his victories in Ireland and South Africa a clear demonstration of what the Finn can do on a good day.

Of the two drivers, only Consiglio travels to the Netherlands with a match point in his bag. The 5-point advantage, together with a win tally which currently amounts to 6-3 in favour of the Maltese ace, means Consiglio, should he out-score Tanskanen by 5 points, would clinch the World Championship with one race to spare, making the season finale in Singapore little more than a victory parade.

However, recent form saw Tanskanen cut his gap to its current amount from a staggering 15 points, proving the Finn is far from raising white flag and surrender. Finishing in front of Joe Consiglio in Zandvoort would allow the EBR driver to cut his gap to peanuts, and a repetition of Consiglio's catastrophical Belgian Grand Prix could paradoxically mean the GPVWC rookie would start the Singapore Grand Prix in first position in the standings - for the very first time in a season which saw him play catch-up since Melbourne.

Complicating matters is the presence of on-fire Lee Morris on CSG. The English racer, who has won the last three races, will surely aim to make it four in the dune track - and in the process, he might steal precious points to any of the title challengers. Still with an outside chance of the Championship are Mark Wicks and Adam Rouse. Wicks recorded his first non-scorer since Melbourne as he finished 9th in Belgium; Rouse was a fine 4th after starting from the back in Spa, and has been showing a growing confidence at the wheel of his Nordsjoen. Both drivers need Consiglio and Tanskanen to fail to score to remain with a say in the Driver's Championship.

As this emotion-rich season has shown so far, it might as well happen.