April 26, 2018


Young racing talents will have a new avenue to express their skill as GPVWC Simracing, in partnership with ACR and iSimRS, launch a new Academy series.
A successor to the popular Open Series, the ACR iSimRS Academy will allow newcomers to the league to showcase their driving prowess and refine their skills in machinery comparable to that of the Career Ladder's entry series, the Formula Challenge.

Races will be ran at regular intervals on Tuesday nights (see full calendar below) on Career Ladder tracks with drivers competing unattached to any team. The format of each event will include a practice session, qualifying and a 40% distance race. The grid will be limited to 40 cars, with seats allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Drivers will be required to be registered on the GPVWC Simracing website and declare their participation in the race. The GPVWC's Community Outreach Officer, Menno Klont, will be on hand to guide the new drivers throughout the process.

All events will be broadcast on the ACR Facebook page, exposing the new drivers to an audience of more than a thousand potential viewers. The top two drivers from each event will be rewarded with a seat in the GPVWC Academy team in the following Formula Challenge event, with all events not preceded by a ACR iSimRS Academy race seeing their seats allocated on the regular basis (selection by the GPVWC Staff).

The ACR iSimRS Academy will also be a proving ground for talent outside the cockpit, with new commentators, camerapeople and other broadcast personnel receiving training by SimNews.TV and aspiring Race Directors inducted by GPVWC Simracing personnel - a true investment into the future of GPVWC Simracing.

"ACR is committed to helping new talent and with iSimRS already run three academy teams in other leagues allowing for cross pollination in the rf2 community," said Mike Pitman of ACR.

"The Open Series was a hugely popular way to showcase the talent of new drivers and the Academy series is its natural successor," said GPVWC Managing Director, Will Ponissi. "We are thankful to ACR, iSimRS and Mike and Menno for bringing forward this new way to harness the incredible potential of our new community members and discover the World Champions of tomorrow."

The full calendar is as follows:

01/05 - Canada
29/05 - Austria
12/06 - Great Britain
24/07 - Hungary
21/08 - Italy
18/09 - Japan
16/10 - Brazil

Drivers can register an account at www.gpvwc.com and enter the driver market for the ACR iSimRS Academy series to register their interest for the following race. Sign-ups will open in the next few days.