2018 Formula Challenge season

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2018 Formula Challenge season
Competition Formula Challenge
Title Sponsor N/A
Platform Used 397rFactor2.png rFactor 2
Rounds 18
Mod Used GPVWC CL modular
Carshape GP3-inspired
Engine Supplier(s) GPVWC 3500cc NA V6
Tyre Supplier(s) GPVWC brand G
Drivers 97
Teams 17
Drivers' Champion England Chris Butcher
Teams' Champion England Red Arrow Racing
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GPVWC series in 2018
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Formula Challenge

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The 2018 Formula Challenge season was the 7th GPVWC Formula Challenge season. Englishman Chris Butcher won the the Drivers' Championship while his team, Red Arrow Racing, run by former Superleague champion David Fidock, wrapped up the Teams' Championship.

Butcher won by 23 points from fellow countryman Chris Shepherd, who actually scored more wins than Butcher; nine to Butcher's seven. Though over 150 points behind, third in the championship was Butcher's Swiss teammate David Jundt; together, they secured a dominant win for Red Arrow Racing in the team's championship; 246 points ahead of Shepherd's STAX Racing in second place. STAX were 95 points ahead of third-placed Cenobite Motorsports, the latter competing in their first season in the Career Ladder. Despite missing out on the title, STAX was given the best livery award, which was a double honour for owner Christian Zoerner, as he was the one who painted the cars, and many others beside.

2018 was to mark the end of an era that had run since 2013, in which Formula Challenge acted as the third-tier of the Career Ladder while following the rest of the Career Ladder's calendar explicitly. While the latter was still somewhat true, from 2019 Formula Challenge was instead run in the week before the main Career Ladder events, and furthermore essentially became the fourth-tier, with the creation of the tentatively-called "Superleague-2" championship. The new championship created a tremendous shift in the Career Ladder makeup and most Formula Challenge teams from 2018 were promoted either to Supercup, or especially the new championship, for 2019. Only three teams from the end of the 2018 season stayed on for 2019, including the quasi-institutional GPVWC Academy team.

Teams and drivers

Formula Challenge Team Team Owner Abbreviation Chassis Tyre No. Race Drivers Rounds Test/Reserve Driver(s)
England Apex Motorsport with Precision FX

England Stefan McCready

Apex FC-018 G 83 England Dan Kell 1, 5-13 Wales Matt Richards
England Stefan McCready 2, 4
Wales Matt Richards 3
Netherlands Tristan Potters 18
84 England Ben Willis 1-8, 10-11, 18
Wales Matt Richards 9
Netherlands Fabien Rudde 12
Netherlands Cenobite Motorsports

Netherlands Liam de Waal

Cenobite FC-018 G 46 Germany Marc Veit 1-4 n/a
England Matthew Williams 5-18
47 Bulgaria Ivan Leonov 1-11, 13-18
Greece Lazaros Filippakos 12
Netherlands CM-Tech Racing

Netherlands Wopke Hoekstra

CM-Tech FC-018 G 48 India Sandeep Chodha 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 13 n/a
Brazil Marcos Riffel 4
Malta Gary Magri Gatt 8
Poland Dawid Krupa 12
Estonia Alari Algpeus 14-15, 17-18
49 Italy Daniele Brambilla 1-13, 15
Italy Lorenzo De Ciutiis 14
Netherlands Danny van der Niet 16-18
England Downforce Racing

England Jake Sanson

Downforce FC-018 G 53 England Harry Graham 1-16, 18 England Luke Browning
England Jake Sanson 17
54 England Tom Davison 1-13, 15-18
Netherlands Drillers Motorsport1 Netherlands Joey Vrolijk Drillers FC-018 G 75 Germany Patrick Wannemuller 1-2 N/A
Italy Manuel Martini 4
92 Poland Jan Woznica 1
Hungary Balint Hammer 2-4
United States Torrent Motorsports Torrent 75 Italy Manuel Martini 5 N/A
Belgium Bart De Vos 6
England Steve Combey 7-8
Pakistan Haaris Parvez 9, 12, 14
Hungary Balazs Toldi 16-18
92 Hungary Balint Hammer 6
Germany Kevin Peters 9, 13
Germany Peter Schulze 12
Portugal Dylan Scrivens 13
Scotland Kian Donaldson 17-18
Liechtenstein GPVWC Academy

Netherlands Menno Klont

GPVWC FC-018 G 100 Poland Konrad Zerebiec 1 n/a
Poland Konrad Zerebiec 2-3
Germany Lucas Zimmerman 4
Italy Lorenzo De Ciutiis 5
Hungary Adam Pinczes 6
Portugal Dylan Scrivens 7
England Ric Scott 8
England Steve Combey 9-10
Poland Dawid Krupa 11
Poland Kacper Michalak 12
Estonia Alari Algpeus 13
Netherlands Tristen Potters 14
Germany Fabian Walter 15-16
Lars Jeppesen
Malta Brandon Tabone 18
101 Germany Marc Veit 1
Netherlands Tristen Potters 2
Netherlands Luke Browning 3-6
England Ryan Vadera 8
Brazil Pedro Delgado 9
England Peter Jones 10
Guernsey Craig Patteson 11
Slovenia Andrej Borotovsky 12
Netherlands Barry Arends 13-14
Brazil Pedro Moura 15
Netherlands Pim van Ark 16-17
Netherlands Mike Schroten 18
England Idos Motorsport2 England Alex Skinner Idos FC-018 G 80 Scotland Cameron Rodger N/A
90 Poland Michal Galka 1, 3-4
Australia Ed Williams 2
Germany Schubert Motorsport Simracing Schuberth 80 5-6 N/A
Scotland Cameron Rodger 7-12, 14
Czech Republic Jan Polak 13
Belgium Tom Lombaerts 15, 17-18
Greece Lazaros Filippakos 16
90 Poland Michal Galka 5-11, 15-17
Belgium Tom Lombaerts 12-14
Greece Lazaros Filippakos 18
England Mayor Downard Racing Team

England Jack Mayor

MDR FC-018 G 78 Netherlands Wesley Stefano 1-15, 16-18 England Daniel Brewer
94 England Matthew Clipp 1-6
England Luke Browning 7-12
Australia Daniel Benefield 13
Netherlands Jeroen van Wissen 14
England Taylor Lane 15
Brazil Pedro Moura 16-17
Greece Dionysis Faraos 18
Scotland McKinlay Engineering

Scotland Ben Williamson

McKinlay FC-018 G 72 Colombia Osvaldo Angelone 1-5 n/a
Portugal Dylan Scrivens 8-9
Greece Lazaros Filippakos 10
Slovenia Andrej Borotovsky 11
Germany Matthias Muuss 12-18
73 England Dominic Foster 1-6
Netherlands Ruben van den Hudding 8-11
Guernsey Craig Patteson 12-18
England Sim-Ink Red Arrow Racing

England David Fidock

Red Arrow FC-018 G 65 England Chris Butcher All England Chris Williamson
David Jundt
England Royal Blue Racing

England Matthew Clipp

Royal Blue FC-018 G 50 England James Early 1-4, 6-9, 11-14 United States Tyler Parker
Finland Tomi Ylitalo 5, 10, 15, 17
Spain Alejandro Enamorado 16
Germany Noah Chilla 18
51 Madagascar Thomas Andriamiharisoa 1-3, 5-18
Finland Tomi Ylitalo 4
England Shift Gear Racing

England Christopher Rabey

SGR FC-018 G 67 Peru Miguel de los Rios 1-11, 14 n/a
England Ross Woodford 12-13, 15-18
98 Ireland Luke Maguire 1, 3-4, 6-9, 18
England Ross Woodford 2, 5, 10-11
Canada STAX Racing

Germany Christian Zoerner

STAX FC-018 G 36 England Adrian Campfield 1-9 n/a
Poland Patryk Gerber 10
Peru Nico Barclay 18
37 England Chris Shepherd All
Mexico TR Bluvos Motorsports

Mexico Michael Teichmann

TR FC-018 G 87 Germany Kevin Peters 1-3 n/a
Germany Dennis Hippel 4
England George Sutton 5-7
England Matthew Beavis 8-17
Portugal Dylan Scrivens 18
88 Germany Phillip König 1-3
Italy Lorenzo De Ciutiis 6, 8
Netherlands Danny Dam 7
United States Sven de Vries 9-10
Portugal Marcin Rybaczuk 11-18
England TTF Racing

England Tyrone Frith

TTF FC-018 G 41 Estonia Rauno Muru All n/a
45 South Africa Bret Metcalf 1-8, 10
Poland Adrian Faber 9
Netherlands Cliff Van de Vin 11-14, 16-17
Netherlands Tonnie Jansen 15
Malta Terence Grech 18
Poland WSL Racing Team

Poland Mateusz Ziubinski

WSL FC-018 G 81 Poland Mateusz Ziubinski 1-3, 5-6, 8, 10-11 n/a
England Eric Stanford 4
Germany Lucas Zimmerman 7
England Ric Scott 9
Scotland Kian Donaldson 12
Poland Kacper Michalak 15-18
82 Poland Mateusz Dabrowski 1-3, 7-8, 10, 13-14
Netherlands Tristen Potters 4
Poland Pawel Andrzejewski 5-11
Poland Kacper Michalak 9
Poland Dawid Krupa 15-18

Team changes

Mid-Season Changes

  • 1Drillers Motorsport merged with Torrent Motorsports during the season and was entered as Torrent Motorsports from the Monaco round onward. This marked Torrent's return to Formula Challenge after a 5-year absence.
  • 2Idos Motorsport became Schubert Motorsport Simracing from the Monaco round onward but would revert back to being Idos Motorsport by the end of the year. Unlike Drillers and Torrent, who were classified as two separate teams in the championship, Idos/Schubert kept the same points throughout.

New entries

Technical changes

  • Drag Reduction System (DRS) was introduced to Formula Challenge for the first time in 2018.

2018 Calendar

Round Race Title Grand Prix Circuit Conditions Date Start Time
Track time GMT BST
1 Australian Grand Prix Australian GP Australia Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne TBC 27th February 2018 TBC 19:00
2 Chinese Grand Prix Chinese GP China Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai TBC 13th March 2018 TBC 19:00
3 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Azerbaijan GP Azerbaijan Baku City Circuit, Baku TBC 27th March 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
4 Spanish Grand Prix Spanish GP Spain Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona TBC 10th Arpil 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
5 Monaco Grand Prix Monaco GP Monaco Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo TBC 24th April 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
6 Canadian Grand Prix Canadian GP Canada Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal TBC 8th May 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
7 French Grand Prix French GP France Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet TBC 22nd May 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
8 Austrian Grand Prix Austrian GP Austria Red Bull Ring, Spielberg TBC 5th June 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
9 British Grand Prix British GP United Kingdom Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire TBC 19th June 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
10 German Grand Prix German GP Germany Hockenheimring, Hockenheim TBC 3rd July 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
11 Hungarian Grand Prix Hungarian GP Hungary Hungaroring, Budapest TBC 31st July 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
12 Belgian Grand Prix Belgian GP Belgium Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Spa TBC 14th August 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
13 Italian Grand Prix Italian GP Italy Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Monza TBC 28th August 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
14 Singapore Grand Prix Singapore GP Singapore Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore TBC 11th September 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
15 Japanese Grand Prix Japanese GP Japan Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka TBC 25th September 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
16 United States Grand Prix United States GP United States Circuit of the Americas, Austin TBC 9th October 2018 TBC 18:00 19:00
17 Brazilian Grand Prix Brazilian GP Brazil Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo TBC 23rd October 2018 TBC 19:00
18 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Abu Dhabi GP United Arab Emirates Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island TBC 6th November 2018 TBC 19:00


The 2018 testing schedule was as follows:

Test Date Venue
Preseason Test 20th February 2018 Mexico Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City

Calendar changes

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Succeeded by:
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