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The following is a list of circuits that have been used or are scheduled to be used in GPVWC competitions.

Circuit is scheduled to host / has hosted a round of the 2015 Career Ladder series
Circuit has hosted a round of any Independent series during 2014
Circuit has hosted a round of any Independent series during 2014 and is scheduled to host / has hosted a round of the 2015 Career Ladder series
2008 Event was scheduled but ultimately cancelled
  • The "Map" column shows a diagram of the circuit configuration
  • The "Type" column refers to the type of circuit. Therefore Street is a circuit held on closed city streets, Road refers to a mixture of public roads and a permanent track and Race is a permanent facility.
Circuit Map Type Location Current Length Events held Years
Adelaide Parklands Circuit Adelaide - GP Layout Street Australia Adelaide, Australia 3.780 km (2.349 mi)
(GP circuit)
Superleague winter testing 2010
Adelaide - Short Course 3.219 km (2.012 mi)
(short course)
Australian Touring Cup 2014
Ahvenisto Race Circuit Ahvenisto Race Circuit Race Finland Hämeenlinna, Finland 3.040 km (1.894 mi) Ahvenisto Meganes 2009
Autódromo Internacional do Algarve Autódromo Internacional do Algarve Race Portugal Portimão, Algarve, Portugal 4.692 km (2.915 mi) Portuguese Grand Prix 2015
Superleague Winter Testing 2011
Supercup Portuguese Grand Prix 2015
Challenge Portuguese Grand Prix 2015
Algarve Endurance Challenge 2012
Arctic Circle Raceway Arctic Circle Raceway Race Norway Mo i Rana, Norway 3.753 km (2.330 mi) Mo i Rana Meganes 2009
TT Circuit Assen TT Circuit Assen Race Netherlands Assen, Netherlands 4.545 km (2.824 mi) Challenge Dutch Grand Prix 2012
Autopolis Circuit Autopolis Circuit Race Japan Ōita Prefecture, Japan 4.673 km (2.904 mi) Japanese Touring Cup 2014
Bahrain International Circuit Bahrain International Circuit - Grand Prix Layout Race Bahrain Sakhir, Bahrain 5.407 km (3.360 mi)
(Grand Prix circuit)
Bahrain Grand Prix 2007, 20092011, 20142015
Supercup Bahrain Grand Prix 20102011, 20142015
Challenge Bahrain Grand Prix 20142015
Bahrain Sport Series 2014
Bahrain GT Cup 2014
Bahrain International Circuit - Paddock Layout 3.7 km (2.29 mi)
(Paddock Circuit)
Bahrain Touring Cup 2014
Barber Motorsports Park Barber Motorsports Park Race United States Birmingham, Alabama, USA 3.830 km (2.380 mi) Birmingham Masters 20092010
Brands Hatch Brands Hatch - Grand Prix Circuit Race England Kent, England 4.206 km (2.613 mi)
(GP Circuit)
Challenge British Grand Prix 2012
Brands Hatch - Indy Circuit 1.929 km (1.198 mi)
(Indy Circuit)
Brands Hatch Masters 2009
Botniaring Racing Circuit Botniaring Racing Circuit Race Finland Jurva, Finland 2.618 km (1.63 mi) Finnish Touring Cup 2013/14
Brno Circuit Brno Circuit Race Czech Republic Brno, Czech Republic 5.403 km (3.357 mi) Czech GT Cup 2013
Buddh International Circuit Buddh International Circuit Race India Greater Noida, India 5.137 km (3.192 mi) Indian Grand Prix 2012
Supercup Indian Grand Prix 2012
Circuito da Boavista Circuito da Boavista Street Portugal Porto, Portugal 4.8 km (2.982 mi) Challenge Portuguese Grand Prix 2012
Cadwell Park Cadwell Park Race England Lincolnshire, England 3.477 km (2.173 mi) Cadwell Masters 20092010
Circuit de Catalunya Circuit de Catalunya Race Spain Montmeló, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain 4.655 km (2.875 mi) Spanish Grand Prix 20122015
Supercup Spanish Grand Prix 20052006, 20102015
Challenge Spanish Grand Prix 20132015
Spanish Sport Series 20122014
Circuit de Charade Circuit de Charade Race France Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France 3.86 km (2.4 mi) French Grand Prix 2009
Challenge French Grand Prix 2012
Croft Circuit Croft Circuit Race England North Yorkshire, England 3.4 km (2.1 mi) Croft Masters 2013
Circuit of the Americas Circuit of the Americas Race United States Travis County, Austin, Texas 5.513 km (3.427 mi) United States Grand Prix 20142015
Supercup United States Grand Prix 20142015
Challenge United States Grand Prix 20142015
American GT Cup 2014
Autodromo Internacional de Curitiba Autodromo Internacional de Curitiba Race Brazil Pinhais, Paraná, Brazil 3.695 km (2.296 mi) Challenge Brazilian Grand Prix 2012
Curitiba Masters 2012
Daytona International Speedway Daytona International Speedway Race United States Daytona Beach, Florida 5.73 km (3.56 mi) Daytona 500 Masters 2014
American GT Cup 2012
Eurasia Autodrome Domodedovo Eurasia Autodrome Domodedovo Race Russia Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia 1.700 km (1.056 mi) Domodedovo Meganes 2009
Donington Park Donington Park Race England North West Leicestershire, England 4.020 km (2.498 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2009
Donington Masters 2011
Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Race Italy Imola, Emilia-Romagna, Italy 4.909 km (3.050 mi) San Marino Grand Prix 20022006, 2011
Superleague Winter Testing 20122014
Supercup San Marino Grand Prix 20052006, 2011
Imola Meganes 2010
San Marino GT Cup 2013
San Marino Touring Cup 2013/14
Autodromo do Estoril Autodromo do Estoril Race Portugal Estoril, Portugal 4.182 km (2.599 mi) Portuguese Grand Prix 2010
Supercup Portuguese Grand Prix 2010
Fuji Speedway Fuji Speedway Race Japan Oyama, Shizuoka 4.563 km (2.835 mi) Japanese Grand Prix 2007
Japanese GT Cup 2012, 2014
Fundidora Park Raceway Fundidora Park Raceway Street Mexico Monterrey, Mexico 3.39 km (2.105 mi) Challenge Mexican Grand Prix 2012
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Road Canada Montreal, Québec, Canada 4.361 km (2.710 mi) Canadian Grand Prix 2000, 2001, 20022015
Supercup Canadian Grand Prix 20102015
Challenge Canadian Grand Prix 20132015
Canadian Sport Series 2012, 2014
Montreal Masters 2009
Canadian Touring Cup 2013/14
Goldenport Park Circuit Goldenport Park Circuit Race China Beijing, China 3.300 km (2.060 mi) Goldenport Masters 2011
Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Race Mexico Mexico City, Mexico 4.438 km (2.274 mi) Mexican Grand Prix 20092011
Supercup Mexican Grand Prix 20102011
Hidden Valley Raceway Hidden Valley Raceway Race Australia Darwin, Australia 2.87 km (1.78 mi) Challenge Australian Grand Prix 2012
Hockenheimring Hockenheimring Race Germany Hockenheim, Germany 4.574 km (2.842 mi) German Grand Prix 20022008, 2014
Supercup German Grand Prix 20052006, 2014
Challenge German Grand Prix 2014
German Sport Series 2014
Hungaroring Hungaroring Race Hungary Mogyoród, Hungary 4.381 km (2.722 mi) Hungarian Grand Prix 2000, 2001, 20022008, 20122015
Supercup Hungarian Grand Prix 20052006, 20122015
Challenge Hungarian Grand Prix 20132015
Hungarian Sport Series 20122014
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Road Course Race United States Indianapolis, Indiana 4.192 km (2.605 mi)
(Road Course)
United States Grand Prix 20022007, 2013
Supercup United States Grand Prix 2013
Challenge United States Grand Prix 2013
Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Oval 4.023 km (2.500 mi)
Indianapolis Masters 2014
Istanbul Park Istanbul Park Circuit Race Turkey Istanbul 5.338 km (3.317 miles) Turkish Grand Prix 20062007, 2008, 20102013, 2015
Superleague Winter Testing 2014
Supercup Turkish Grand Prix 2006, 20102013, 2015
Challenge Turkish Grand Prix 2013, 2015
Turkish Sport Series 20122013
Circuito de Jerez Circuito de Jerez Race Spain Andalucia, Spain 4.428 km (2.751 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2007, 20122013
Supercup Gibraltar Grand Prix 2006
Autódromo José Carlos Pace Autódromo José Carlos Pace Race Brazil São Paulo, Brazil 4.309 km (2.676 mi) Brazilian Grand Prix 20002015
Supercup Brazilian Grand Prix 20102015
Challenge Brazilian Grand Prix 20122015
Brazilian GT Cup 2012, 2014
Brazilian Touring Cup 2014
Autodromo Juan y Oscar Galvez Autódromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez Race Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina 5.968 km (3.708 mi) Argentine Grand Prix 2010
Supercup Argentine Grand Prix 2010
Korean International Circuit Korean International Circuit Race South Korea Yeongam, South Korea 5.621 km (3.492 mi) Korean Grand Prix 20122013
Supercup Korean Grand Prix 20122013
Challenge Korean Grand Prix 2013
Kielce Circuit Kielce Circuit Race Poland Kielce, Poland 4.160 km (2.586 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2011
Knockhill Racing Circuit Knockhill Racing Circuit Race Scotland Knockhill, Fife, Scotland 2.092 km (1.300 mi) Knockhill Masters 2011
Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit Race South Africa Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa 4.2 km (2.6 mi) South African Grand Prix 2009, 2011
Supercup South African Grand Prix 2011
Challenge South African Grand Prix 2012
Lime Rock Park Lime Rock Park Race United States Lakeville, Connecticut, USA 2.41 km (1.50 mi) Lime Rock Masters 2013
Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours Race France Magny-Cours, France 4.412 km (2.741 mi) French Grand Prix 20022009, 2011, 2013
Supercup French Grand Prix 20052006, 2011, 2013
Challenge French Grand Prix 2013
French Sport Series 2013
Marina Bay Street Circuit Marina Bay Street Circuit Street Singapore Singapore 5.073 km (3.150 mi) Singapore Grand Prix 20092012, 2015
Supercup Singapore Grand Prix 20102012, 2015
Challenge Singapore Grand Prix 2012, 2015
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Race United States California 3.602 km (2.238 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2011
Laguna Seca Masters 20092010
American Touring Cup 2014
Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit Race Australia Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria 5.303 km (3.300 mi) Australian Grand Prix 20002015
Supercup Australian Grand Prix 20102015
Challenge Australian Grand Prix 20132015
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Race United States Lexington, Ohio 3.634 km (2.258 mi) Challenge United States Grand Prix 2012
Mid Ohio Masters 2013
Mills Metropark Mills Metropark - Outer Loop B Layout Race United States Mills City, Virginia 4.23km (2.62 mi) Mills Masters 2013
Circuit de Monaco Circuit de Monaco Street Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco 3.34 km (2.075 mi) Monaco Grand Prix 2000, 2001, 20022015
Supercup Monaco Grand Prix 20052006, 20102015
Challenge Monaco Grand Prix 20132015
Monaco Sport Series 20122014
Mondello Park Mondello Park Race Ireland Caragh, County Kildare, Ireland 3.503 km (2.268 mi) Republic of Ireland Grand Prix 2009
Challenge Irish Grand Prix 2012
Autodromo Nazionale di Monza Autodromo Nazionale di Monza Race Italy Monza, Italy 5.793 km (3.600 mi) Italian Grand Prix 2000, 2001, 20022015
Supercup Italian Grand Prix 20052006, 20102015
Challenge Italian Grand Prix 20132015
Italian Sport Series 20132014
Italian GT Cup 2013
Italian Touring Cup 2014
Monza Masters 2009, 2012
Autodrom Moscow Autodrom Moscow Race Russia Moscow oblast, Russia 3.275 km (2.035 mi) Russian Touring Cup 2014
Autodrom Most Autodrom Most Race Czech Republic Most, Czech Republic 4.222 km (2.623 mi) Czech Grand Prix 2009
Czech Touring Cup 2014
Mount Panorama Circuit Mount Panorama Circuit Race Australia Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia 6.213 km (3.861 mi) Bathurst Masters 20092012, 2014
Australian GT Cup 2013
Autodromo Internazionale di Mugello Autodromo Internazionale di Mugello Race Italy Mugello, Italy 5.245 km (3.259 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2011
Circuito de Navarra Circuito de Navarra Race Spain Los Arcos, Spain 3.933 km (2.444 mi) Challenge Spanish Grand Prix 2012
Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet Race Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 5.031 km (3.126 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2011(?)
Nemuno Ziedas Nemuno Ziedas Race Lithuania Kačerginė, Kaunas, Lithuania 3.301 km (2.051 mi) Nemuno Ziedas Meganes 2009
Norisring Norisring Street Germany Nuremberg, Germany 2.300 km (1.400 mi) Norisring Masters 2011
German Touring Cup 2014
Nurburgring Nurburgring - GP-Strecke Race Germany Nürburg, Germany 4.556 km (2.831 miles)
German Grand Prix 20122013
European Grand Prix 20022008
Supercup German Grand Prix 20052006, 20122013
Challenge German Grand Prix 2013
German Sport Series 2013
German GT Cup 2013
Nurburgring - Nordschleife 25.947 km (16.123 miles)
Nordschleife Masters 2010, 2014
German Sport Series 2012
Okayama International Circuit Okayama International Circuit Race Japan Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 3.703 km (2.300 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2011(?)
Oulton Park Oulton Park Race England Little Budworth, Cheshire, England 3.616 km (2.260 mi) Oulton Park Meganes 2009
Pannonia Ring Pannonia Ring Race Hungary Ostffyasszonyfa, Hungary 4.74 km (2.94 mi) Hungarian Grand Prix 20092010
Supercup Hungarian Grand Prix 20102010
Circuit Paul Armagnac Circuit Paul Armagnac Race France Nogaro, France 3.636 km (2.559 mi) 2017 Nogaro Masters 2017
Circuit Paul Ricard Circuit Paul Ricard Race France Le Castellet, France 3.812 km (2.369 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2011
Motodrom Petrolija Motodrom Petrolija Race Slovenia Lendava, Slovenia 4.041km (2.510 mi) Challenge Slovenian Grand Prix 2012
Pukekohe Park Raceway Pukekohe Park Raceway Race New Zealand Pukekohe, New Zealand 2.841 km (1.765 mi) New Zealand Touring Cup 2014
Red Bull Ring Red Bull Ring Race Austria Spielberg, Styria, Austria 4.326 km (2.688 mi) Austrian Grand Prix 20022008, 2011, 20132015
Supercup Austrian Grand Prix 2011, 20132015
Challenge Austrian Grand Prix 20132015
Red Bull Ring Masters 2010
Austrian Sport Series 20132014
Austrian GT Cup 2013
Circuit Ricardo Tormo Circuit Ricardo Tormo Race Spain Cheste, Valencia, Spain 4.005 km (2.517 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2013
Road America Road America Race United States Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin 6.515 km (4.048 mi) United States Grand Prix 2012
Supercup United States Grand Prix 2012
Road America Cup 2012
Road Atlanta Road Atlanta Race United States Braselton, Georgia 4.088 km (2.540 mi) Road Atlanta Endurance Event 2011, 2012
Circuit de la Sarthe Circuit de la Sarthe Road France Le Mans, Pays de la Loire, France 13.629 km (8.469 mi) 24 Hours of Le Mans 2014
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Race Belgium Francorchamps, Spa, Belgium 7.001 km (4.352 mi) Belgian Grand Prix 2000, 2001, 20022015
Supercup Belgian Grand Prix 20102015
Challenge Belgian Grand Prix 20132015
Spa-Francorchamps Masters 2009, 2012
Belgian Sport Series 20132014
Belgian GT Cup 20122013, 2014
12 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps 2012
Gold Cup 20022003
Sebring International Raceway Sebring International Raceway Race United States Sebring, Florida 5.950 km (3.700 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2009
Sebring Endurance 2011, 2012
Sebring Masters 2013
Sepang International Circuit Sepang International Circuit Race Malaysia Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia 5.543 km (3.440 mi)) Malaysian Grand Prix 20012008, 20132014
Supercup Malaysian Grand Prix 20132014
Challenge Malaysian Grand Prix 20132014
Shanghai International Circuit Shanghai International Circuit Race China Shanghai, China 5.451 km (3.387 mi) Chinese Grand Prix 20022008, 2011, 20132015
Supercup Chinese Grand Prix 2011, 20132015
Challenge Chinese Grand Prix 20132015
Chinese GT Cup 2013
Silverstone Circuit Silverstone Circuit Race England Northamptonshire, England 5.901 km (3.667 mi) British Grand Prix 2000, 2001, 20022015
Supercup British Grand Prix 20052006, 20102015
Challenge British Grand Prix 20132015
Silverstone Masters 2010, 2012
British Sport Series 20132014
British GT Cup 2013, 2014
Slovakiaring Slovakiaring Race Slovakia Dunajská Streda District, Slovakia 5.922 km (3.680 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2011
Snetterton Snetterton Race England Norfolk, England 3.737 km (2.323 mi) Snetterton Masters 2010
British Touring Cup 2013/14
Sportsland SUGO Sportsland SUGO Race Japan Murata, Japan 3.737 km (2.323 mi) Challenge Japanese Grand Prix 2012
Japanese Touring Cup 2013/14
Surfer's Paradise Surfer's Paradise Race Australia Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia 4.470 km (2.770 mi) Surfer's Paradise Masters 2009
Suzuka Circuit Suzuka Circuit Race Japan Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, Japan 5.807 km (3.609 mi) Japanese Grand Prix 2000, 2001, 20022006, 20082015
Supercup Japanese Grand Prix 20102015
Challenge Japanese Grand Prix 20132015
Symmons Plains Raceway Symmons Plains Raceway Race Australia Launceston, Tasmania 2.41 km (1.5 mi) Symmons Plains Masters 2013
Troyton Raceway Troyton Raceway Race Australia Australia 5.19 km (3.23 mi) Australian Touring Cup 2013/14
Circuito Vasco Sameiro Circuito Vasco Sameiro Race Portugal Palmeira, Portugal 3.020 km (1.877 mi) Portuguese Touring Cup 2013/14
Valencia Street Circuit Valencia Street Circuit Street Spain Valencia, Spain 5.419 km (3.367 mi) Spanish Grand Prix 2009
Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi Race Italy Campagnano di Roma, Italy 4.085 km (2.538 mi) Challenge Italian Grand Prix 2012
Watkins Glen International Watkins Glen International Race United States Watkins Glen, New York, United States 4.060 km (2.454 mi) Watkins Glen Masters 2011
American GT Cup 2013
American Touring Cup 2013/14
Yas Marina Circuit Yas Marina Circuit Race United Arab Emirates Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE 5.554 km (3.451 mi) Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 20102015
Supercup Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 20102015
Challenge Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 20132015
Circuit Park Zandvoort Circuit Park Zandvoort Race Netherlands Zandvoort, Netherlands 4.307 km (2.676 mi) Dutch Grand Prix 20092012
Supercup Dutch Grand Prix 20102012
Circuit Zolder Circuit Zolder Race Belgium Heusden-Zolder, Belgium 4.011 km (2.492 mi) Superleague Winter Testing 2009
Zolder Masters 2011