United States Grand Prix

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Flag of the United States of America.png United States Grand Prix
Circuit of the Americas
Circuit of the Americas.png
Race information
Number of times held 11
First held 2002
Most wins (drivers) England Alex Cooper (2)
Most wins (constructors) Norway Nordsjøen (3)
Circuit length 5.516 km (3.427 mi)
Race length 308.896 km (191.939 mi)
Laps 56
Last race (2016)
Pole position
England D. Fidock Nordsjøen-Martex 1:39.322
1 · Germany F. Geier Nordsjøen-Martex 1:37:22.341
2 · England D. Fidock Nordsjøen-Martex + 4.519
3 · Argentina A. Canapino Vod:Bul-Valiant + 7.689
Fastest lap
England T. Parker Green Stripes-Valiant 1:40.194

The United States Grand Prix (not to be confused with the Grand Prix of Indianapolis or the Grand Prix of the Americas) is a round of the Superleague championship which has been held intermittently since the 2002 season. The race was off the calendar from the end of the 2007 season until the beginning of the 2012 season. Since 2012 it has been held at three separate venues.

The United States Grand Prix was initially held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from 2002 until 2007. When the race returned in 2012 there was some doubt over where the race would be held; ultimately the race was held at Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. The following year the race returned to Indianapolis before, for 2014 onwards, the race relocated to the Circuit of the Americas at Austin.


Repeat winners (drivers)

Embolded drivers are competing in the Superleague championship in the current season.

# of wins Driver Years won
2 England Alex Cooper 2014, 2015

Repeat winners (constructors)

Embolded teams are competing in the Superleague championship in the current season.

# of wins Constructor Years won
3 Norway Nordsjøen Racing 2003, 2004, 2016
2 Italy Bracciano Racing 2005, 2006

By Year

Road America, host of the race in 2012.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Road Course layout), host of the race from 2002 to 2007 and again in 2013.
Year Driver Team Race Time Location Report
2017   TBD TBD Circuit of the Americas, Austin Report
2016 Germany Florian Geier Nordsjøen-Martex 1:37:22.341 Report
2015 England Alex Cooper CSG Racing-Potentia 1:29:33.351 Report
2014 England Alex Cooper Midnight-Potentia 1:27:33.554 Report
2013 Greece Jim Parisis Torrent-Martex 1:24:57.745 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Report
2012 England Dave Carr-Smith Green Stripes-BMW 1:13:47.810 Road America, Wisconsin Report

Not held
2007 Belgium Laurent Keersmaekers Simsoa-Honda 1:28:15.796 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Report
2006 Germany Luis Fernando Laaff Bracciano-BMW 1:26:14.051 Report
2005 Romania Emanuel Gaczella Bracciano-BMW 1:26:51.908 Report
2004 Australia Scott Whiteman EIRE-Jaguar 1:25:27.337 Report
2003 Australia Daniel Wilkinson EIRE-Cosworth 1:26:03.527 Report
2002 Finland Mikko Jakonen Mapes-VO-Honda 1:34:05.730 Report
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