Australian Grand Prix

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Flag of Australia.png Australian Grand Prix
Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit
Albert Park.png
Race information
Number of times held 16
First held 2000
Most wins (drivers) England Lewis Redshaw (2)
Most wins (constructors) Italy Nordsjoen (3)
Circuit length 5.303 km (3.295 mi)
Race length 307.574 km (191.071 mi)
Laps 58
Last race (2015)
Pole position
England L. Redshaw CSG-Potentia 1:24.727
1 · England L. Redshaw CSG-Potentia 55:54.344
2 · Germany P. Puschke Vod:Bul-Valiant + 17.779
3 · Argentina A. Canapino Nordsjoen-Martex + 20.579
Fastest lap
England L. Redshaw CSG-Potentia 1:25.806

The Australian Grand Prix has been held at Albert Park, Melbourne since the first season of the GPVWC.

It is one of only a handful of races to have taken place every year, at the same venue, since the league's inception.


Repeat winners (drivers)

Embolded drivers are competing in the Superleague championship in the current season.

# of wins Constructor Years won
2 England Lewis Redshaw 2014, 2015

Repeat winners (constructors)

Embolded teams are competing in the Superleague championship in the current season.

# of wins Constructor Years won
3 Italy Nordsjoen 2009, 2010, 2013
2 England CSG Racing 2014, 2015

By Year

Year Driver Team Race Time Location Report
2016   TBD TBD Albert Park, Melbourne Report
2015 England Lewis Redshaw CSG-Potentia 55:54.344 Report
2014 England Lewis Redshaw CSG-Potentia 1:23:53.817 Report
2013 England Dave Carr-Smith Nordsjøen-Martex 1:23:50.636 Report
2012 Germany Lukas Euler Midnight-Ferrari 1:24:21.261 Report
2011 England Lee Morris Draig-Ferrari 1:22:58.049 Report
2010 Finland Janne Tanskanen Nordsjoen-Mercedes 1:22:59.253 Report
2009 England Adam Rouse Nordsjoen-Honda 1:00:37.102 Report
2008 England Mark Wicks Woods-Renault 1:27:45.143 Report
2007 Belgium Laurent Keersmaekers Simsoa-Honda 1:27:33.432 Report
2006 Germany Luis Fernando Laaff Bracciano-BMW 1:26:05.116 Report
2005 Australia Steve Elencevski FinOz-Ferrari 1:26:22.525 Report
2004 Australia Scott Whiteman EIRE-Jaguar 1:24:50.268 Report
2003 Finland Mikko Jakonen Mapes-VO-Honda 1:27:15.327 Report
2002 Netherlands Daan van Renswoude Hernj-Roaldo-BMW 1:29:27.170 Report
2001 New Zealand Jason Endean BA Racing-Ferrari 1:30:23.940 Report
2000 Germany Thomas Kimmich Silver Angels-BMW Report
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