Japanese Grand Prix

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Flag of Japan.png Japanese Grand Prix
Suzuka Circuit
Suzuka Circuit - Grand Prix Circuit.png
Race information
Number of times held 16
First held 2000
Most wins (drivers) Germany Lukas Euler,
Belgium Laurent Keersmaekers,
Finland Janne Tanskanen (2)
Most wins (constructors) England Midnight (3)
Circuit length 5.807 km (3.608 mi)
Race length 307.573 km (191.117 mi)
Laps 53
Last race (2016)
Pole position
Italy E. Masciulli Edonis-Valiant 1:35.448
1 · Italy E. Masciulli Edonis-Valiant 48:01.260
2 · Spain F. Lopez Red Archer-Valiant + 0.511
3 · Romania E. Gaczella Storm-Valiant + 38.204
Fastest lap
Italy E. Masciulli Edonis-Valiant 1:43.566

The Japanese Grand Prix is a round of the Superleague championship and was introduced in the league's very first season. With the exception of the curtailed 2001 season, the race has been held every year since.

The venue of the race has been the Suzuka Circuit for every year except 2007, when the race was held at the Fuji Speedway.


Repeat winners (drivers)

Embolded drivers are competing in the Superleague championship in the current season.

# of wins Driver Years won
2 Germany Lukas Euler 2013, 2014
Belgium Laurent Keersmaekers 2005, 2006
Finland Janne Tanskanen 2009, 2010

Repeat winners (constructors)

Embolded teams are competing in the Superleague championship in the current season.

# of wins Constructor Years won
3 England Midnight Motorsport 2012, 2013, 2014
2 Norway Nordsjøen Racing 2003, 2010

By Year

Fuji Speedway, host of the 2007 race.
Year Driver Team Race Time Location Report
2017   TBD TBD Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka, Mie Report
2016 Italy Eros Masciulli Edonis-Valiant 48:01.260 Report
2015 England David Fidock Hawkeye-Potentia 1:20:43.497 Report
2014 Germany Lukas Euler Midnight-Potentia 40:44.151 Report
2013 Germany Lukas Euler Midnight-Potentia 1:20:41.553 Report
2012 England Alex Cooper Midnight-Ferrari 1:21:30.360 Report
2011 England Lee Morris Draig-Ferrari 1:22:21.114 Report
2010 Finland Janne Tanskanen Nordsjøen-Mercedes 1:21:38.746 Report
2009 Finland Janne Tanskanen Evans Blue-Cosworth 1:01:50.265 Report
2008 Northern Ireland Mal McKee Synergetic-Toyota 1:22:35.705 Report
2007 Australia Steve Elencevski FinOz-Ferrari 1:44:53.487 Fuji Speedway Report
2006 Belgium Laurent Keersmaekers Simsoa-Cosworth 1:19:43.795 Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka, Mie Report
2005 Belgium Laurent Keersmaekers Bracciano-BMW 1:18:56.856 Report
2004 Germany Luis Fernando Laaff MMC Racing-BMW 1:18:42.205 Report
2003 Australia Daniel Wilkinson EIRE-Cosworth 1:19:38.790 Report
2002 Austria Andreas Orth Hernj-Roaldo-BMW 1:24:00.319 Report
2000 New Zealand Jason Endean BA Racing-Mercedes 42:25.928 Report
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