2019 Superleague season

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2019 Superleague season
Competition Superleague
Title Sponsor
Platform Used 397rFactor2.png rFactor 2
Mod base GPVWC CL modular
Carshape base F1 based
Engine Supplier(s) Talos, Valiant, Quasar, Reventón 1600cc turbocharged V6
Tyre Supplier(s) GPVWC brand G
Teams 15
Drivers' Champion Germany Jannick Bock
Teams' Champion Germany Evolution Motorsports
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The 2019 Superleague season will be the 20th GPVWC Superleague season. Alex Siebel enters the season as defending Drivers' Champion, and ACR Zakspeed as the reigning Constructors' Champions.

Teams and drivers

Superleague Team Base Constructor Chassis Engine Tyre No. Race Drivers Rounds Test/Reserve Driver(s)
England Avid Chronic Racing

England Liverpool, England

ACR ZAKMP19* Valiant VA19 G 1 Germany Alex Siebel 1-13
David Jundt
Hungary Adam Pinczes
Sweden Robin Pansar
England Mike Bell
14 England David Fidock 1-6
Germany Michi Hoyer 7
Netherlands Stephane Rouault 8-13
Belgium Edge Esports

Belgium Zolder, Belgium

Edge EE02-SLQ* Quasar QSR-02 G 30 Norway Jarl Teien 1 Norway Jarl Teien
Netherlands Tom Oldenmenger
England Lewis McGlade
Croatia Petar Brljak
Croatia Petar Brljak 2-6, 10-13
Italy Christian Pasqual 7-9
33 United States Sven de Vries 1
Hungary Daniel Kiss 2-8
England Lewis McGlade 7
England Daniel Brewer 8-9, 11-13
Netherlands Tom Oldenmenger 10
Germany Evolution Motorsports

Germany Kirchhain, Germany

Evolution EMR-02* Valiant VA19 G 15 Germany Jannick Bock 1-13 England Tom Parker
27 Germany Dennis Jordan 1-13
England Epic Racing Team

England Banbury, England

Epic ERSL-02* Valiant VA19 G 70 Estonia Rait Kilk 1-13 Estonia Argo Teder
England Chris Shepherd
Wales Matt Richards
97 France Geoffrey Fournier 1-6, 8-13
England Chris Shepherd 7
England Hawkeye Racing

England Lake District, England

Hawkeye RS19* Talos 9D-19 G 2 Netherlands Liam de Waal 1-5, 7, 10-11, 13 Brazil Pedro Moura
Germany Noah Chilla
United States Sven de Vries 6
Poland Marcin Rybaczuk 9
England Chris Shepherd 12
Brazil Pedro Moura 8
3 4-6
Portugal Ricardo Costa 1-3
England David Fidock 7-13
Greece Red Archer Virtual Racing Team

Greece Rethymnos, Greece

Red Archer RA219* Valiant VA19 G 75 Austria Fabio Sixta 1-13 England Ryan Elliott
Portugal Bruno Sousa Ferreira
India Sandeep Singh
76 Germany Matthias Muuss 1-13
Netherlands Flag-to-Flag SimRacing

England Guildford, England

FTF F19-SL* Valiant VA19 G 5 England Michael Eyres 1-6, 8, 10 Poland Dawid Krupa
Ireland Mark Hutchinson
Poland Adrian Faber
Scotland Cameron Rodger
Poland Adrian Faber 7
Scotland Cameron Rodger 9, 12
Ireland Cian White 11, 13
57 Spain Sergi Heras 1-13
Netherlands Pescara Edonis Engineering

Italy Pescara, Italy

Edonis E19E Reventón RE-01 G 4 Italy Germano Zappala 1-6, 8-13 Netherlands Menno Klont
England Matthew Williams 7
7 Italy Eros Masciulli 1-13
South Africa MadCape Racing Team

South Africa Cape Town, South Africa

MadCape MSL-019* Quasar QSR-02 G 19 Netherlands Jeroen Kweekel 1-7, 9-10, 13 England Danny Robbins
England Joshua Anderson
England Joshua Anderson 11-12
21 England Daniel Brewer 1-7
Germany Noah Chilla 9-13
Netherlands Measuric Racing

Netherlands Bennekom, The Netherlands

Measuric MR02 Reventón RE-01 G 16 Germany Dino Paolini 1-11 Netherlands Rienk Hoekstra
England Stefan McCready
55 Netherlands Wopke Hoekstra 1-6, 8
Finland Jukkapekka Lalu 7, 9-10, 13
Poland Marcin Rybaczuk 11-12
Romania Storm Racing Team

Romania Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Storm SR04 Reventón RE-01 G 8 Belgium Bart de Vos 1, 4, 8, 10 Belgium Bart de Vos
Brazil Vinicius Ranieri
Brazil Vinicius Ranieri 2-3, 5-7, 9
England Matthew Williams 11-13
9 Brazil Ricardo Pellegrini 1-9, 11-13
Australia Red Bull Streetfighter Racing Systems

Australia Sydney, Australia

SRS SRS-19* Valiant VA19 G 12 Germany Florian Geier 1-13 Netherlands Ruben Van den Hudding
95 Chile Jos Araneda 1
Croatia David Francic 2
England Ben Hamlet 3-6
England Oliver Ellis-Richardson 7
England Chris Butcher 9-10
Sweden Robin Pansar 11-13
Scuderia Basilea
Binningen, Switzerland
Basilea JPS1 Valiant VA19 G 66 Netherlands Stephane Rouault 1-7 Belgium Laurent Keersmaekers
Germany Michi Hoyer 9, 11
Finland Alari Algpeus 12-13
Belgium Laurent Keersmaekers 8, 10
89 5
Poland Maciej Mlynek 1-4, 6-11
England YTF1

England Bath, England

YTF1 YT08 Talos 9D-19 G 10 Sweden Johan Lindberg 1 England Matthew Allington
Sweden Johan Lindberg
Sweden Michael Haflidason 2-6
England Mike Bell 7-8
Sweden April Carlsvard 9
Poland Dawid Krupa 10-13
Germany Leon Bock 14-16
91 Sweden Tobias Olsson 1-7, 14
United States Sven de Vries 8-9
Italy Luca D'Amelio 10
Germany Steven Lexow 11
Ireland Luke Maguire 12
Netherlands Yuri Kasdorp 15
England Tom Parker 16
Germany Green Stripes Racing

Germany Niedersachsen, Germany

Green Stripes GSR-19* Valiant VA19 G 11 England George Sutton 1-3 Wales Ben Horrill
Netherlands Yuri Kasdorp 4
England Kieran Shanks 5-7
Wales Ben Horrill 10
England Chris Shepherd 11
77 England Alex Cooper 1-10

*Name is speculative pending confirmation

Team changes

  • After 17 seasons in the Superleague, Nordsjøen Racing closed its doors at the end of the 2018 season.
  • EVAL Simracing Team withdrew from the Superleague after a single year in the competition.

New entries

  • Scuderia Basilea was promoted from Supercup following a dominant season in the lower series in 2018.
  • YTF1 were also promoted from Supercup, having finished 2nd to Basilea in their maiden Supercup season.

Returning entries

  • Green Stripes Racing returned to the Suplerleague after a 1-year abscence, having spent that time competing in Supercup instead.

Mid-season changes

  • Defending Champions ACR Zakspeed dropped Zakspeed from their title and renamed their entry to Avid Chronic Racing, shortly after the season commenced. During the summer break, the team then disaffiliated themselves with Avid Chronic Racing but were obligated to continue competing under the ACR name for the remainder of the season: essentially becoming Vod:Bul Racing once again, in all but name.
  • MadCape Racing Team particularly struggled to field 2 cars for the whole season - the team missed the Canadian Grand Prix and later only entered 1 car into each of the last three races of the season.

Driver changes



There were a high number of mid-season driver changes during the 2019 season - as such, this list is not exhaustive.

Technical changes

  • Adjustable fuel mixture settings were introduced to the championship.
  • Other changes include revised tyres and aerodynamics, in addition to power unit adjustments.

2019 Calendar

For 2019, the Career Ladder schedule was reduced from 18 to 16 rounds in the season.

Round Race Title Grand Prix Circuit Conditions Date Start Time
Track time GMT BST
1 Australian Grand Prix Australian GP Australia Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne TBC TBC TBC 19:00
2 Malaysian Grand Prix Malaysian GP Malaysia Sepang International Circuit, Sepang TBC TBC TBC 19:00
3 Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain GP Bahrain Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir TBC TBC TBC 19:00
4 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Azerbaijan GP Azerbaijan Baku City Circuit, Baku TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
5 Spanish Grand Prix Spanish GP Spain Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
6 Monaco Grand Prix Monaco GP Monaco Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
7 Turkish Grand Prix Turkish GP Turkey Istanbul Park , Turkey TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
8 Canadian Grand Prix Canadian GP Canada Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
9 British Grand Prix British GP United Kingdom Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
10 German Grand Prix German GP Germany Hockenheimring, Hockenheim TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
11 Belgian Grand Prix Belgian GP Belgium Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Spa TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
12 Italian Grand Prix Italian GP Italy Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Monza TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
13 Singapore Grand Prix Singapore GP Singapore Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
14 Japanese Grand Prix Japanese GP Japan Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
15 United States Grand Prix United States GP United States Circuit of the Americas, Austin TBC TBC TBC 18:00 19:00
16 Brazilian Grand Prix Brazilian GP Brazil Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo TBC TBC TBC 19:00


The 2019 testing schedule was as follows:

Test Date Venue
Preseason Test #1 TBC Mexico Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City
Preseason Test #2 TBC China Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai
Preseason Test #3 TBC Spain Circuito de Jerez, Andalucia
Preseason Test #4 TBC United Arab Emirates Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island
Young Driver Test TBC United States Circuit of the Americas, Austin

Calendar changes

The 2019 calendar was reduced from 18 down to 16 rounds.

Results and Standings

Grands Prix

Rd. Grands Prix Pole position Fastest lap Winning driver Winning constructor Report
1 Australia Australian Grand Prix Netherlands Liam de Waal
Germany Jannick Bock Germany Evolution-Valiant Report
2 Malaysia Malaysian Grand Prix Germany Jannick Bock
Germany Jannick Bock Germany Evolution-Valiant Report
3 Bahrain Bahrain Grand Prix Austria Fabio Sixta
Croatia Petar Brljak Belgium Edge-Quasar Report
4 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Grand Prix Germany Dennis Jordan
Germany Alex Siebel England ACR-Valiant Report
5 Spain Spanish Grand Prix Germany Jannick Bock
Germany Alex Siebel England ACR-Valiant Report
6 Monaco Monaco Grand Prix Germany Dennis Jordan
Germany Dennis Jordan Germany Evolution-Valiant Report
7 Turkey Turkish Grand Prix Estonia Rait Kilk
Austria Fabio Sixta Greece Red Archer-Valiant Report
8 Canada Canadian Grand Prix Germany Dino Paolini
Italy Eros Masciulli Netherlands Edonis-Reventón Report
9 United Kingdom British Grand Prix Germany Jannick Bock
Austria Fabio Sixta Greece Red Archer-Valiant Report
10 Germany German Grand Prix Germany Jannick Bock
Croatia Petar Brljak Belgium Edge-Quasar Report
11 Belgium Belgian Grand Prix Germany Alex Siebel
Germany Dennis Jordan Germany Evolution-Valiant Report
12 Italy Italian Grand Prix Germany Dennis Jordan
Austria Fabio Sixta Greece Red Archer-Valiant Report
13 Singapore Singapore Grand Prix Germany Jannick Bock
Germany Jannick Bock Germany Evolution-Valiant Report
14 Japan Japanese Grand Prix Germany Dennis Jordan
Germany Dennis Jordan Germany Evolution-Valiant Report
15 United States United States Grand Prix Germany Jannick Bock
England Daniel Brewer Belgium Edge-Quasar Report
16 Brazil Brazilian Grand Prix Slovenia Jernej Simoncic
Slovenia Jernej Simoncic Germany Green Stripes-Valiant Report

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