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134 Results found containing "2018"

December (7)
2018/12/11 Razor GP to enter 2019 Formula Challenge grid!
2018/12/09 YTF1 announce first Superleague driver
2018/12/07 Flag-to-Flag's First Season..
2018/12/06 2019 Calendars unveiled at GPVWC Day
2018/12/04 2018 GPVWC Awards a celebration of success at GPVWC Day
2018/12/03 Francic appointed Head of Broadcast
2018/12/02 Career Ladder teams for 2019 unveiled

November (6)
2018/11/13 Evolution announces YDT line-up
2018/11/07 SC 2018: A difficult sophomore season
2018/11/05 2019 new team applications open today
2018/11/03 Nordsjoen Racing bids emotional goodbye to the league
2018/11/02 Red Arrow Racing seals 2018 Formula Challange title
2018/11/02 YTF1 reach new heights as anniversaries celebrated

October (2)
2018/10/14 A healthy league starts with you
2018/10/14 TCS Off Racing to debut new Livery for month of October

September (1)
2018/09/07 STAX Racing celebrates 100 starts in GPVWC

August (12)
2018/08/31 International Touring Cup Teams Preview
2018/08/31 New Drives join Deltec Racing Team
2018/08/31 Downforce VR unveils gold challenger for ITC Division 2
2018/08/31 Wet dance at Spa for Shepherd
2018/08/31 Storm Racing heading to Monza with a fresh look
2018/08/17 ACR Zakspeed set for ITC title defence.
2018/08/15 Rodger replaces Eyres for Spa Francorchamps
2018/08/14 A Round Of Two Halves For Formula Challenge's Title Fight
2018/08/12 GPVWC unveils double ITC series for 2018
2018/08/04 Avid Chronic Racing creates history in the WTF1 GPVWC Superleague
2018/08/04 Entries open for 2018 International Touring Cup
2018/08/02 Siebel prevails in wet and tense Hungary

July (3)
2018/07/30 ACR Zakspeed rolls into one of the teams favourite races, Hungary.
2018/07/30 Bock replaces Parker at Evolution
2018/07/30 MadCape: Brewer Signs Short-Term Deal

June (7)
2018/06/20 Title Rivals Take Charge At Silverstone
2018/06/20 McKinlay team principal continues to struggle with health
2018/06/13 Two podiums in both races at Austria for Holland Racing Racing Team!
2018/06/07 ACR Zakspeed 1-2 in damp Austria
2018/06/05 De Vos to replace Klont in Austrian Superleague GP
2018/06/05 Shepherd and Maguire take the spoils in Austria
2018/06/02 iSimRs ACR Academy graduates get a chance in Formula Challenge

May (13)
2018/05/31 Schoonvliet turns championship around with rainy Silverstone victory
2018/05/30 Driver Changes Rock Racing Team Schroten Supercup campaign
2018/05/30 Thomas departs from Red Archer
2018/05/24 Siebel continues win streak in Paul Ricard
2018/05/22 Martini to deputise for Hawkeye in France
2018/05/19 Angelone to depart McKinlay
2018/05/17 Kappet takes command in Monza
2018/05/10 Siebel takes championship lead with Canada victory
2018/05/09 Rodger returns to rebranded Schubert as Williams departs
2018/05/08 Downforce Racing set to loan Luke Browning to MDR
2018/05/03 Kieran Vernon teams up with Luke Browning for Downforce Racing World GT assault
2018/05/03 Schoonvliet wins again in Road Atlanta
2018/05/03 Hawkeye Racing to show support for SpecialEffect charity

April (12)
2018/04/30 FtF Hits The Top Five
2018/04/28 Edge Delight in Monaco Mastery
2018/04/28 Mayor Downard Racing Team Is Recruiting!
2018/04/26 Teien triumphs in Monaco thriller
2018/04/26 GPVWC Simracing unveils ACR iSimRS Academy
2018/04/19 Kappet back on top in Suzuka
2018/04/18 Archers to focus on a strong first half of the season finish
2018/04/12 Siebel takes second win in a row in Spain
2018/04/11 Rouault's return reopens Supercup battle
2018/04/10 The rain in Spain doesn't stop Butcher
2018/04/09 WTF1 unveiled as Title Partner of the GPVWC Simracing Superleague
2018/04/05 Ryan makes it two out of two in Mount Panorama

March (12)
2018/03/29 Siebel finally breaks his duck in Baku
2018/03/28 Mlynek double in Azerbaijan domination
2018/03/27 Baku challenge tightens FC title battle
2018/03/22 World GT Season Preview
2018/03/22 Ryan stuns field to claim Sepang victory
2018/03/22 Luke Browning heads Downforce Racing World GT lineup
2018/03/19 Radical Sportscars Announce World GT Lineup
2018/03/16 Good fortune in China for Basilea
2018/03/16 Kappet triumphs in China
2018/03/13 Butcher and Leonov on top in Chinese double header
2018/03/02 20-team grid unveiled for World GT Championship
2018/03/01 Fournier stars in Epic season opener

February (30)
2018/02/28 2018 Supercup ready for the lights out
2018/02/28 Kasdorp and Rouault claim early honours in Melbourne
2018/02/27 Formula Challenge officially kicks-off 2018 season
2018/02/27 Butcher takes early lead as Formula Challenge begins
2018/02/27 Flag-to-Flag SimRacing Livery Reveal 2018
2018/02/26 Red Archer 2018 revealed
2018/02/26 Deltec Racing Team reveals their 2018 Supercup contender
2018/02/24 ACR Zakspeed launches its GPVWC challenger
2018/02/24 Overwhelming demand for World GT places
2018/02/24 YTF1 launch maiden Supercup contender
2018/02/24 Nordsjoen Racing unveils NR011
2018/02/23 Olsson shines as pre-season ends
2018/02/22 Wauters Automotive rebrands to Edge Esports
2018/02/21 The HRT018 is revealed
2018/02/21 McKinlay hail successful test
2018/02/19 Disciplinary Committee 2018 Introduction
2018/02/17 Malta Force GP unveil 2018 Supercup lineup
2018/02/17 Hawkeye on top as research opens
2018/02/14 Scuderia Basilea unveils test livery and driver line-up at Imola
2018/02/09 Hawkeye Racing pull the covers off their RS18
2018/02/09 Teien continues on top in second test
2018/02/07 2018 World GT applications open
2018/02/04 GPVWC to extend partnership with SimNews.tv
2018/02/03 TR Motorsports Driver Lineup
2018/02/03 TG Racing confirms Gerber - Kwint for the GPVWC SC 2018 Season
2018/02/02 Holland Racing Team ready to jump into Supercup
2018/02/01 Wauters sets early pace in Bahrain
2018/02/01 YTF1 confirm Kasdorp, Lindberg for 2018
2018/02/01 Shift Gear Racing announces 2018 driver line-up ahead of debut
2018/02/01 First test kick-starts the 2018 GPVWC Superleague season

January (29)
2018/01/30 ACR Zakspeed announces GPVWC SimRacing line up - the Team of Champions
2018/01/30 Red Archer introduces 2018 drivers
2018/01/30 Jordan and Parker to take Evolution seats
2018/01/30 Measuric Racing announces 2018 line-up ahead of pre-season testing
2018/01/28 Flag-to-Flag Unveils 2018 Driver Lineup
2018/01/28 Campfield to join Shepherd at STAX Racing
2018/01/26 Testing calendar revealed as 2018 season approaches
2018/01/23 Hawkeye announce Costa and Lopez for Superleague
2018/01/22 Team Hoekstra Underdog unveils competitive line-up
2018/01/22 McKinlay unveil 2018 Livery and Finalise Line-Up
2018/01/21 Talos retains Edonis and welcomes Measuric to the family
2018/01/19 Martex proud to be engine of choice
2018/01/17 McKinlay confirm Foster
2018/01/16 Swedish Swoop for MadCape
2018/01/16 Racing Team Schroten - Third Time's a Charm
2018/01/15 Valiant - The most successful engine in GPVWC today
2018/01/15 Teien and Brljak to spearhead Wauters Automotive Superleague Campaign in 2018
2018/01/14 Nordsjoen confident of Martex uptake
2018/01/12 McKinlay Announce One Season Tie-Up Deal with Cosmo Autosport
2018/01/08 Wauters Automotive announces Quasar QSR-01 Engine
2018/01/08 Red Bull joins Streetfighter
2018/01/07 GPVWC announces prize money for the 2018 Superleague
2018/01/07 Consistency is key at Red Arrow Racing
2018/01/07 The Official GPVWC 2017 Season Review: available now
2018/01/07 Apex Freshens Things Up
2018/01/06 New season, new faces, new partnerships for the Reds
2018/01/06 GPVWC strengthen its staff with new appointments
2018/01/06 McKinlay Engineering Address The Press
2018/01/05 Wauters Automotive to produce Superleague engines